PD Dr. Dai Zhangs Parabolic Mirror Nano Optics Group

Subgroup of AK Prof. Dr. A.J. Meixner


Welcome to the parabolic mirror nano optics group website. We're a young and enthusiastic group who are using home build microscopes to investigate both near and far field optical effects on a broad range of subjects.



  • Congratulations! Marius's collaborative work 'Designing high performance all-small molecule solar cells with non-fullerene acceptors: comprehensive studies on photoexcitation dynamics and charge separation kinetics' has been accepted for publication at Energy & Environmental Science.
  • Welcome to the team: Viktoriya Kim just joined our group for a 9-weeks Praktikum. She will implement a dark-field optical microscopy function to our ultrafast laser setup under the supervision of Anke.
  • We have successfully organized the Taiwan-Germany workshop: ‘Ultrafast laser spectroscopy and high-resolution optical imaging of plasmonics and molecular systems’. This is a joint workshop with EKUT's strategic partner National Taiwan University. It is supported by the Institutional Strategy of the University of Tübingen (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, ZUK 63).
  • Congratulations to Dr. Jiyong Wang for a successful PhD defence on 21 September!
  • Yu-Ting Chen will start his Doctoral studies here in Juli and already checked in now! His main focus will be on non-linear optics and TERS.
  • Welcome to the team: B.Sc Christopher Dobler starts his Master thesis and will be investigating the structural properties of various Si-Wires using Confocal microscopy techniques.
  • We say goodbye to Dr. Mingqian Zhang and thank her for her interesting stay here and the shared experience.
  • Congratulations! Anke's paper 'Two photon luminescence contrast by tip-sample coupling in femtosecond near-field optical microscopy' has been accepted for publication at Applied Physics B!


Last updated- September 2017