Structural Geology


Professor Paul Bons is in charge of the Structural Geology Group in Tübingen. Research in the group focuses on understanding how structures form and what they mean, especially by numerical simulation. Some of the topics are:


  • Fluid flow processes and associated structures, such as veins, stylolites and breccias.
  • Microstructural development in high-strain deformation with the Elle-software package. Current focus is on microstructures in the polar ice sheets.
  • Folding and deformation of composite systems, such as conglomerates
  • Physics of magma transport and magma-chamber processes, such as the formation of layered intrusions
  • Self-organisation and self-organised criticality in geological systems (fluid flow, magma transport, strain localisation, etc.)
  • Regional studies to study the above in the field in Germany, Spain, Greenland, South Australia and China


The Structural Geology group offers courses on BSc- and MSc-level in Geosciences, including geological mapping courses, Introduction to Structural Geology, Advanced Structural Geology (microstructural analysis and 3D modelling).











Prof. Dr. Paul Bons

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