Dr. Anna Belardinelli




Computer Science, Cognitive Modeling
University of Tübingen
Sand 14
72076 Tübingen



Room C418

Phone: +49 7071 29-75464
Fax: +49 7071 29-5719


Since February 2012: Postdoc researcher at the University of Tübingen in the Cognitive Modeling group of Prof. Dr. Martin Butz.

March 2009-January 2012: Postdoc researcher at CITEC (Cognitive Interaction Technology Center of Excellence), Bielefeld University, on the TACES project, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Werner Schneider (Neuro-Cognitive Psychology) and Prof. Dr. Jochen Steil (Computer Science, CoR-Lab).

2005-2009: PhD student at the Department of Computer and Systems Science (DIS), Sapienza University of Rome. Final Dissertation: "Salience features selection: Deriving a model from human evidence". Supervisor: Prof. Fiora Pirri.

2005: MSc Degree in Computer Engineering , Sapienza University of Rome, with a thesis on Head movements learning via Hidden Markov Models.

Research Interests

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Perceptual aspects of action and object interaction
  • Sensorimotor behaviour modelling
  • Computational models of visual attention

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The Eye, the Hand and the Object: sensorimotor features for action recognition in object interaction

(supported by the Institutional Strategy of the University of 

Tübingen (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, ZUK 63) )


Other Activities

  • 2016: Invited talk in the symposium "Cognition and manual action", at KogWis 2016.
  • 2016: in the Program Committee at KogWis2016
  • 2016: Student Volunteer Chair at CogSci 2016.
  • 2015: Organiser of the Symposium  "Anticipatory object interaction: perceptual and motor aspects" at ICSC 2015, Rome, 7 September 2015, together with prof. Martin Butz
  • 2015: Student Volunteer Chair at CogSci 2015.
  • 2014: Invited talk at ISACS 2014, 7th International Symposium on Attention in Cognitive Systems, Bielefeld.
  • 2014: Advisory editor for Cognitive Processing, Springer.
  • 2014: Student Volunteer Chair at CogSci 2014.
  • 2014: Local organiser of KogWis 2014, the 12th Biannual Conference of the German Cognitive Science Society, Tübingen, 29 September-3 October 2014.
  • 2011: Member of the organising team of the 2011 CITEC Summer School "Mechanisms of attention-From experimental studies to technical systems", Bielefeld, 3-8 October 2011. 



  • A. Belardinelli (2011). Qualitative segmentation of spatiotemporal features for dynamic objects prioritisation. Proc. Workshop on Recognition and Action for Scene Understanding (REACTS)