Tübingen biochemistry - from atoms to organisms

Blaum - structural glycobiology

Dodt - cell biochemistry

Feil - signal transduction

Felix - plant immunoreceptors

Fuss - secondary plant metabolism

Jansen - RNA biology

García-Sáez - membrane biophysics

Hailfinger - lymphocyte activation

Kalbacher - MHC2 antigens

Nürnberger - plant innate immunity

Rapaport - mitochondrial dynamics

Schulze-Osthoff - tumor biology

Schwarzer - chemical biology

Stafforst - nucleic acid analogs

Stehle - structural biology




The images used are, from bottom to top: an atomic rendering from the gallery of the free graphics software Avogadro, the molecular structure of reovirus proteins (blue/yellow/red) binding to a cellular receptor (green) from Kirchner '08, a 3D representation of a dividing yeast cell from Sakdinawat '10 with permission, a mouse from New World Transparent Specimens / Iori Tomita with permission.