Sozial- und Wirtschaftspsychologie


Andreas F.X. Wolkenstein, M.A.


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Universität Tübingen

Schleichstr. 4

D-72076 Tübingen


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Psychologisches Institut
Schleichstr. 4, Ebene 5, Zimmer 4507


Brief CV (Detailed CV):

  • Studies in Philosophy, Theology and Medieval History in Tübingen and Paris, Magister Artium 2010 (with distinction)
  • 2010-2013 Coordinating several research projects (externally funded) on Ethics and Security at the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities IZEW, University of Tübingen
  • 2013 Parental Leave (full time)
  • Since 2014 Researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at the Institute of Social and Business Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Tübingen
  • Areas of Expertise: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Experimental Philosophy
  • Areas of Interest: Political Psychology, Procedural Justice
  • Dissertation (working title): The Authorship of the Political. A Study on the Foundations of Libertarian Political Philosophy (University of Hamburg, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schramme)



  • Winter 2014/2015: “Die Philosophie des Politischen Liberalismus” [Political Liberalism], with Dr. Roland Kipke, Institute of Philosophy, University of Tübingen (undergraduate course; non-paid)
  • Winter 2012/2013: “Experimente, Daten und der Lehnstuhl. Was ist und wofür brauchen wir Experimentelle Philosophie” [Introduction to Experimental Philosophy], Institute of Philosophy, University of Tübingen (undergratuade course; paid)
  • Since Winter 2010/2011 (ongoing): Repetition course "Philosophische Grundfragen der Theologie [Philosophical Foundations of Theology]", Prof. Dr. Johannes Brachtendorf, Department of Theology, University of Tübingen (undergraduate course; paid) 


Publications (selected)

  • Wolkenstein, A.F.X. (2013). Akzeptanz und Akzeptabilität aus Sicht der Angewandten Ethik [Acceptance and Acceptability from the Perspective of Applied Ethics]. In Ammicht Quinn, R., Sicherheitsethik, Wiesbaden: Springer, 225-239.
  • Ammicht Quinn, R., Nagenborg, M., Rampp, B., Wolkenstein, A.F.X. (2013). Ethik und Sicherheitstechnik. Eine Handreichung [Ethics and Security Technology]. In Ammicht Quinn, R., Sicherheitsethik, Wiesbaden:Springer, 277-296.
  • Wolkenstein, A.F.X., Kooperative Sicherheitspolitik aus Sicht der Ethik [Cooperative Security Policy from the Ethical Point of View], KoSiPol Working Paper Nr. 7, Münster 2011.
  • Wolkenstein, A. & Krumm, J. (2011). Intelligente Videoüberwachung aus ethischer Perspektive [Intelligent Video Surveillance from an Ethical Point of View]. forum kriminalprävention, (3).
  • Rampp, B., Wolkenstein, A., & Ammicht Quinn, R. (2010). Körperscanner [Body Scanner]. Information Philosophie, 38(5), 60-66.
  • Traut [Wolkenstein], A., Nagenborg, M., Rampp, B., & Ammicht Quinn, R. (2010). Körperscanner – Sicherheiten und Unsicherheiten [Body Scanner – Securities and Insecurities]. forum kriminalprävention(1), 14-20.
  • Review on Peter Schaber (2010), Instrumentalisierung und Würde. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 14(4), 487-489.
  • Review on Fritz Allhoff, Patrick Lin, Daniel Moore (2010), What is nanotechnology and why does it matter, Journal of Applied Philosophy, 28(3), 321-323.


  • Libertarianism, Authorship and the Political, paper presented at the 2014 MANCEPT conference, Workshop on the “Current State of Libertarian Political Philosophy”, September 8-10, 2014, Manchester, UK
  • Republican Dignity and Security. Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, January 9-11, 2014, New Orleans (LA)
  • The normative consciousness. Cognitive science of justice reasoning meets ethics (Poster accepted). Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC), Juli 2013, San Diego (CA)
  • What is the value of dignity? Annual Conference of the Society for Applied Philosophy, June 2013, Zürich.
  • Risk, Justice, and Legitimacy. Perspective from/for Political Philosophy. Poster presented at the DFG-NSF Research Conference “Reckoning with Risk”, October 2012, Washington D.C.
  • Welchen Wert hat Würde? Zur Rolle des Würdekonzeptes in der Angewandten Ethik. Vortrag auf dem Kongress der Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie, September 2012, Konstanz. [Role of dignity in applied ethics]
  • Dignity and its role in security ethics, International Conference „Security, Ethics, and Justice: Towards a More Inclusive Security Design“, June 2012, Tübingen. [Dignity in security ethics]
  • SmartCCTV, contextuality, and justice, Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie, September 2011, München.

Awards and Grants

  • Hayek Fund for Scholars, Institute for Humane Studies (IHS): Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, January 9-11, 2014, New Orleans (LA)
  • Prestage-Cook Travel Award, Southern Political Science Association (SPSA): Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, January 9-11, 2014, New Orleans (LA)
  • Travel grant and participation at DFG-NSF Research Conference “Reckoning with the Risk of Catastrophe”, October 3-5, 2012, Washington, D.C.
    Grant by Society for Applied Philosophy: 1.500 GBP, 02/2012
  • Grant by BMBF: Projekt „KRETA“ (FKZ: 13N11453): 1,1 Mio. EURO, 02/2011 (together with Prof. R. Ammicht Quinn and Dr. M. Nagenborg)


Mitgliedschaft in Fachgesellschaften

  • American Philosophical Association (APA)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie (DGPhil)
  • Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie (GAP)
  • Society for Applied Philosophy (SAP)
  • Southern Political Science Association (SPSA)