Information on the M.A. program in "Social and Cultural Anthropology" at the University of Tübingen

On this page you can find the latest information about the Master's program at the University of Tübingen:

Information for New Students

The Master’s program in Social and Cultural Anthropology is offered in English starting from the winter semester 2014/15. The exam regulations valid since 2012/13 still apply in the winter term 2015/16. For more information, please see below.

For queries regarding admissions please contact the Central University Administration or the Student Secretariat, and NOT the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology


Lectures and courses in the winter term 2015/2016

Module 1: Theoretical Approaches

Theoretische Ansätz in der Ethnologie: Religiöse Rede, Ritual und moralische FührungHardenberg, Klocke-Daffa4,5 ECTS
Theoretical Approaches in Anthropology 1: Debates and Themes in Social and Cultural AnthropologyPerkin4,5 ECTS
Beeing in the in-between: Liminality in Literature and CultureKicherer, Bauer4,5 ECTS
History of Anthropological Theory: Medical Anthropology of Health, Illness and HealingParkin4,5 ECTS

Module 2: Research Methods

Main Seminar (C): Core Anthropological Research Area: Dumont reconsideredHardenberg6 ECTS
Exercise: Planning and Designing Research Project or IntershipAlex, Klocke-Daffa3 ECTS


Module 4: Languages

Kyrgyz Level ITulebaeva
Tamil Level IOehler
Persian Level IMousavi
Afrikaans Level IVerhoef

Short overview of the course content

    Performance requirements and examination regulations


      Older Curricula, Module Handbooks and Exam Regulations can be found in Archiv!