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Bachelor Program: Interdisciplinary American Studies



In our new Bachelor program "Interdisciplinary American Studies," we offer our students a variety of courses in literary and cultural studies as well as a wide range of America-related topics in subjects such as history, political sciences, media studies, sociology, etc.  Our B.A. program reflects the heterogeneity of experiences in a multiethnic America and engages with American culture, literature and politics in all their diversity and complexity. The program stands out by offering an interdisciplinary approach to American Studies, an elective curriculum to develop an individual study profile and the choice of spending an additional year abroad.


Meet Aicha. She is a former IAS student and now works as a copywriter at Leonhardt & Kern Werbeagentur in Stuttgart. Here’s what she has to say about the program:

"Choosing a career is daunting work! Luckily, that’s where the mobility option kicks in. It gave me an entire year to figure out my future; gain some actual experience of ACTUAL work as an integral part of the studies program. My internship at an advertising agency turned into my first real job as a copywriter - which, otherwise, never would’ve happened."

Pre-requisites of the Program

The pre-requisites for studying Interdisciplinary American Studies are an excellent command of spoken and written English as well as an interest in North American literature and culture.  

Structure of the Program

Our program commences every winter and summer semester and consists of the following areas:


  • Core Curriculum
    • Literary Studies
    • Cultural Studies 

  • Elective Curriculum 
  • Academic English 
  • Transferable Skills

The Elective Curriculum offers the students individual choices in studying US-related subjects in other disciplines such as history and media studies.  The Elective Curriculum is an integrative part of the Mono-Bachelor program; therefore, there is no additional minor subject (Nebenfach).  Our B.A. Program may be studied either in three or in four years.  The additional year may be spent elsewhere, e.g. as an exchange student at one of our numerous partner universities in the US and Canada, or students may choose a job-related internship in Germany or abroad; a combination of both is also possible.


Curriculum of the Program

In their first and second years, students will choose one basic and one advanced module in each of the academic areas above. 

In their third year, students have two options: they may either continue their studies at the University of Tübingen, attending three focus modules and finally submitting their B.A. thesis to complete the program.  Alternatively, students may choose the 'mobility option' to add a year to their program and go abroad and/or do an internship. Students who go abroad in their third year will return to Tübingen for their fourth year to finish their studies with three focus modules and their B.A. thesis. In order to enable more students to take the mobility option, we are proud to announce the availability of limited number of DAAD-scholarships every year.


Routing Sheet for Students (print on both sides / "Beidseitiger Druck") Update: 9.10.14


Further Information on the Mobility Option


Module Handbook


Curriculum B.A. IAS (with Credits)


Graduates of the B.A. program with a good grade average can continue their studies in our M.A. program in American Studies; students with a good M.A. grade average may apply to do their PhD.

Going abroad

All students of Interdisciplinary American Studies are strongly recommended to spend a period of time in an English-speaking country.  This is an invaluable opportunity for students to improve their language skills and to immerse themselves in a different culture and professional and/or academic environment.  With our integrated mobility option in the third year, we offer our students the opportunity to partake in the university's established exchange programs with more than fifty universities in the United States and Canada as well as in other English-speaking countries.

We also have three special exchange programs for students of the interdisciplinary American studies program with the University of Chapel Hill, University of Maryland and Tufts University.

Details of the respective exchange programs can be found here.


Amerikanistik / American Studies

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Career Opportunities:

The Bachelor "Interdisciplinary American Studies" allows students in comparison to other programs with only one major and one minor subject to choose a much more differentiated study profile. This means that courses are no longer restricted to one major and one minor, but depending on the interest of each student can vary tremendously and range from politics, economics, law, sociology, pedagogy, empirical cultural studies, religious studies to media studies. This allows students to not only create their own individual study profile but also to develop their unique skill profile to succeed on the job market. Nowadays more and more experts are sought that are able to think from many different angles and develop solutions for mulitlayed problems and situations


In addition students can attend career service courses that allows them to gain insight into many different potential carrer opportunities for example publishing management, human resource management, social media marketing etc. Furthermore, the data center (ZDV) offers the possibility to attend courses that help to develop important office and IT-skills like for example HTML, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and many more.


All this is complemented by the possibility of taking the mobility option which allows students to gain work experience through the completion of at least two internships. This facilitates an easier passage from student to professional life.

Application for the B.A. Interdisciplinary American Studies:

Places in the B.A. Program Interdisciplinary American Studies are limited (“zulassungsbeschränkt”). The criteria for being admitted to this program include:


  • the average grade of the “Reifezeugnis“/“Hochschulzulassungsberechtigung“ (HZB)
  • the English grade of the HZB; if there is none, another foreign language will do
  • a letter of motivation (max. 450 words) in English (see also below) with your email and postal address.
    Please use this form for your Letter of Motivation.doc
  • other possible qualifications, e.g. professional education or practice relevant to the subject of studies, an extended continuous stay in an English-speaking country, an internationally acknowledged language certificate (e.g. TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate, IELTS), or a prize in ‘Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen’. If applicable, please provide proof in form of photocopied documents (no originals).

Please visit the website(s) of the Studentensekretariat to obtain information on how to submit all documents of your application as well as your letter of motivation.

Please click here for further information on the application process provided by the Studentensekretariat.

International Students:

Please contact the Department of International Affairs and their section:

"Advising and Admission of International Students".

You can find additional information and email addresses here.

What is a letter of motivation?

The letter of motivation provides you with the opportunity to outline your specific interest in the program. Ideally, the letter of motivation connects your background with your expectations of the program and renders a first impression of your personality. As a supplement to the other papers submitted, this text also serves as a possibility to explain some of the information in greater detail, or to include additional aspects that you consider vital to your profile with regard to the program.

The letter of motivation should consist of a maximum of 450 words and contain your contact details (email and postal address). It could deal with some of the following questions:


  • How did you learn about this  program
  • Why would you like to receive a B.A. in Interdisciplinary American Studies? What do you expect from this program?
  • Do you have a specific career goal? What professional fields do you consider interesting?
  • How is your previous (educational, professional, personal) experience related to your interest in this program?
  • What specific topics (e.g. in literature or in cultural studies) are you interested in?