Prof. Dr. Ingrid Hotz-Davies

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Chair for English and Literature and Gender Studies


Englisches Seminar
Universität Tübingen
Wilhelmstraße 50
72074 Tübingen

Office: 506
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Jutta Kling, PhD (Homepage)

Office: 462a;

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Fields of Interest and Research:

  • Gender/Queer Studies
  • Women’s Literature from the Renaissance to Today
  • Early Modern Literature
  • Communicating under conditions of (self)-censorship and interdiction

Academic Pathway:

  • Professor for English Literature and Gender Studies in Tübingen since 2001
  • Habilitation in Munich (2000)
  • PhD from Dalhousie University, Canada
  • MA/Staatsexamen at the University of Munich

Additional Appointments and Functions:



Selected Recent Courses (HS/OS, since 2007):

  • Jacobean City Plays: Ben Jonson and Thomas Middleton
  • Nabokov (with Schamma Schahadat, Slavistik)
  • Dreams, Hallucinations, Visions: The Languages of the Unconscious in Romantic and Post-Romantic Literature
  • A Sly Modernism: Sylvia Townsend Warner and Stevie Smith (with Tutor Rebecca K. Hahn)
  • Postmodern Realism: Theory and Experiments (with Tutor Rainer Schelkle)
  • Camp Theory and Camp Literature (with Fabio Cleto, University of Bergamo)
  • The Didactics of ‘Landeskunde’: Canada (with Ellen Butzko, Teacher Training Seminar)
  • Women’s Experimental Fiction and Poetry in the 20th Century
  • Die Literatur der Exzentrik (with Stefanie Gropper, Skandinavistik)
  • Modern Fiction and the Problem of Masculinity
  • Konstrukte des Bösen in Literatur und Kriminologie (with Prof. Kerner, Kriminologie)
  • Queer Theatre of the 1990s and Beyond (with Tutor Franziska Bergmann)
  • Byron: Gender, Irony and Melancholy
  • Transgressionen. Theorien der Grenzsetzung und der Grenzverletzung (with Schamma Schahadat, Slavistik)


Lecture Seminars (Vorlesungen):

  • English Women’s Novels before 1830
  • Early Modern Prose Cultures
  • Gender around 1800
  • The Historicity of Gender



List of Publications:

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Current Postgraduate Students

NameWorking Title of ThesisResearch Interests

Alert, Christine

Berger, Anne
Firat, Serap (M.A.)Negation of Conventional Notion of Time and its Impacts on Epistemological and Ontological Notions in Leslie Scalapino's and Virginia Woolf's Works.Convention(al notions); how convention is reproduced; perception; (concealed) reality; self and change.
Hadi, Mohammad (M.A.)PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies in Literary Interzones. PhD Title: Towards a Realist Humour Foundation Contemporaray French Philosophy; Deleuze and Guattari; German Romanticism; Naturphilosophie.
Hahn, Rebecca (M.A.)Challenging Normativity: The Short Stories of Sylvia Townsend WarnerSylvia Townsend Warner's writing; Twentieth century English literature; the History of the Short Story; the Construction of Motherhood; Queer Studies.
Jung, Susanne (M.A.)Bouncing Back: Strategies of Queer Resilience in 20th Century English Literature and CultureGender Studies; Queer Studies; Performance Studies; 20th Century English Literature and Culture; Early Modern English Literature and Culture; Creative Writing.
Petkovich, Milisava
Pietschmann, Erik
Schelkle, Rainer


Vakili, Sara (M.A.)
The Making of an Icon: Saint Sebastian and Rumi in Queer Culture
Art History; Queer Studies; Aesthetic; Persian Mysticism/ Sufism



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