Applied English Linguistics (Kurt Kohn)


Corpora for Content & Language Integrated Learning

(LLP KA2 Languages 2008-2010) (coordinator)


BACKBONE aims to develop, evaluate, disseminate and exploit a “do it yourself” pedagogic corpus approach that empowers teachers to collaborate in the creation and pedagogical deployment of authentic content for web-based language learning and teaching in specialised CLIL contexts. The approach addresses the constraints and needs of pedagogically neglected languages & varieties. It will be applied to 7 languages representing 3 types of neglect: “lesser taught” (PL, TR), “ignored non-standard” (EN, FR, DE, ES) and “non-native speaker lingua franca” (ELF).


Demonstration focuses on 5 language learning settings:


  1. Regular foreign language classes in secondary and/or higher education integrating culture and language learning (DE, EN, FR, PL, TR);

  2.  Bilingual subject classes (e.g. biology, history) in secondary education with incidental foreign language learning (EN);

  3. LSP courses in higher education integrating foreign language and special subjects (EN, FR);

  4. Community interpreter courses in higher education integrating foreign language and special subjects (DE, ES, PL or TR);

  5. Vocational foreign language classes in further education integrating language and vocational subjects (EN, DE).



Backbone has 4 operational objectives:


  • Analysis of the Backbone learning  scenarios (see above) to determine areas of pedagogical neglect and CLIL themes;


  • Development and e-learning integration of pedagogic corpus tools that facilitate creation of “do it yourself” corpora and corpus-based learning materials for culture and subject-specific niche demands;


  • Corpus compilation of video-recorded spoken interviews, presentations and conversations for the 7 Backbone languages with an emphasis on regional and socio-cultural varieties;


  • Pedagogical demonstration and evaluation of these corpora for the 5 Backbone language learning settings including continuous teacher support.



Backbone is designed for customisation to any field of CLIL specialisation.


For more information, please see the project website at [link]







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Agreement number: 143502-LLP-1-2008-1-DE-KA2-KA2MP