LEAD Training Program

The LEAD Graduate School & Research Network offers a structured training program for doctoral and postdoctoral students. It is provided by the LEAD faculty, international guests, and external trainers.


The LEAD steering board is responsible for the overall planning, organization, evaluation, and continuous further development of the conceptual framework and implementation of the training program. It regularly seeks and uses the input of the faculty who contributes to the training program by offering classes, participating in retreats, and offering lab rotations.


In line with LEAD's understanding that the training of future researchers and professionals is not limited to the doctoral and postdoctoral level, the training concept also includes master's programs that prepare specifically for a doctorate within LEAD.

Upcoming Retreats


All LEAD members meet twice a year. Please mark your calenders!


April 18-20, 2018
October 17-19, 2018

April 10-12, 2019




Prof. Dr. Augustin Kelava

Tel. +49 7071 29-73935





Prof. Dr. Kerstin Pull

Tel.: +49 7071 29-78186 (secretary)