MedTech Startup School

July 9th- October 17th


The participants in the MedTech Startup School (MSS) receive real-world innovation training while working on a start-up idea. For the MedTech Startup School we will use methodologies known under the Label "Lean Startup". Therefore we adapted Steve Blank´s Lean Launchpad for Life Sciences & Health Care Curriculum from the Universities of Berkeley, Stanford and San Francisco. 


The Startup School begins at July, 9th. The participating researchers, students and medical doctors get a 100 Day innovation-training which consist of several parts:


  • Initial Workshop

  • Hospital Immersion

  • Mentor Madness

  • MedTech Bootcamp

  • Lean Mondays

  • Practice Tools

  • Demo Day


Instructed by top lecturers and experts, through hands-on-activities the participants will develop new products and business models for health care. During the Startup School we offer you co-working spaces, mentoring and medical advisors. And up to five pre-selected projects get a special funding from our partner, the Medical Innovations Incubator GmbH.     


Apply with your own idea or apply for a funded business idea, which was pre-selected by the Medical Innovations Foundation.