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Why to participate in the IES Program? Read what students experienced, studied and discovered in previous programs and what they academically and personally got out of it. We would be happy to welcoming you in the IES program, too!

Summer Program II 2017

Orko, India

The IES Summer Program II (SP II) at the University of Tübingen was one of my best experiences till date. From learning about the EU, Law, Business etc. to making friends from all over the world, the SP II has not only helped me enrich my knowledge on various subjects, but it has also facilitated my personal growth while being exposed to numerous cultures. The teachers were excellent and the IES staff was very helpful. I strongly recommend everyone to attend the SP II, as it will assuredly give you a taste of globalization in an exuberant fashion.

Hazy, China

After taking part in the IES Summer Program I must say that, the 6 weeks in Tübingen are an unforgettable memory for me. The program taught me how to get along with people from all over the world. And it did bring me many good friends. These are the treasures for my whole life.

Alex, China

I promise that the summer spent with the IES program in Tübingen is the best summer I ever had. The courses we had, the games we played and the places we have been to are all the great treasures I got. IES is not only a program about EU but an adventure to Europe with friends worldwide. Thanks to the IES program!

Fall Term Program 2016

Caroline, Egypt

I was a participant of the Fall term 2016. applying for the IES program was definitely one of the most enriching experiences in my life. From the very beginning IES team members were very helpful and supportive. If anyone needs financial support, they do offer real funds through scholarships and financial aids. Moreover, classes have been really interesting, exciting and diverse. I enjoyed each and every moment of this program and I greatly recommend for anyone who wants to gain the experience of studying abroad and enjoy Europe. And finally, Thank you IES team for such a great opportunity.

Winter Program 2016

Nicholas, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed the IES Winter Program in January 2016. Classes focussed on fascinating political and legal aspects of the European Union. However I also came to consider how I could apply these principles to my own region of the world, Australia. Language classes enabled me to develop valuable skills in communicating with others as I travelled throughout Germany. Underpinning all of this, I was able to immerse myself in student life at Tübingen, travel across Europe and create lifelong friendships. I would recommend this program to any keen student across every area of study!

Ani, Armenia

It's been definitely one of the best experiences in my life to be part of this truly amazing and academically educational programme on "International & European Studies" 2016 in Tuebingen, Germany. I was very lucky to experience both the academic life and the fun, to live German culture, to improve my German and to make international friends for life. Thank you IES team for your efforts, your contribution and your hard work. Tuebingen is a real fairytale, My warmest greetings to all of you from Yerevan!

Even, Hong Kong

It was an excellent program with very interesting classes, meaningful activities, and insightful study trips. The winter program has deepened my understanding in the area of politics, law, and business of the EU, greatly improved my German language skills in a native context, and extended my friendship to more corners of the world. Thanks to the exposure during the program, I have become more confident and talkative in an international setting, and better at taking care of myself and others. I wish I could have joined it even earlier during my university time. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who are interested in broadening their horizons and having great fun!

Fall Term Program 2015

Patti, Philippines

The IES Fall Program covered a diverse set of topics tackling Europe's, and particularly Germany's, social, historical, political and cultural environment. It was a perfect introductory course for acquiring a comprehensive overview of what makes Europe Europe. Plus what better way is there but to learn German than in Germany.

I truly enjoyed all the courses and excursions we had in those three months. And I'm very grateful for this experience because I now have friends from different parts of the world! The IES staff, lecturers, student assistants and German buddies went over and beyond to make all of us international students have a sense of home in Tübingen. Taking this course is definitely one of the best choices I've made in my life thus far.


Summer Program I, 2015

Jahdiel, USA

Excellent program. It was more than I expected. Great experience with excursions and courses. And it was just wonderful to make great new friends from all over the world.


Nelson, Singapore

A great programme I have ever had, IES has given me oppurtunities to improve my Deutsch as well as those to learn more about Deutschland and EU. More importantly, I have befriended many intriguing minds, both from Germany and other countries as well.

Gabrielle, USA

Loved my stay with IES! I learned so much and made some incredible friends. The IES team was wonderful and I had absolutely no trouble feeling at home. I highly recommend it!


Winter Program 2015

Edward, Australia

I found this to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I learnt so much more about the EU and about other cultures. I also made new friends from around the world and had an amazing time with them experiencing all Germany has to offer. I also learnt some basic German language skills which I'm sure will be useful in the future. Thank's IES Team for creating such a wonderful program!


Fall Term Program 2014

Mohamed, Egypt

I am Mohamed Orabi from Egypt and I participated in the IES fall program from 1 September to 29 November 2014. It was enough period to discover Europe through Tuebingen. Tuebingen is a very nice small town. The University is very famous not only in Germany or Europe but also in the world. In Tuebingen you can meet students from all over the world. I enjoyed the excursions to Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Strasbourg and Brussels.
You will attend useful courses in the IES program taught by friendly teachers. You will also get more intercultural experiences through the communication with people from all over the world in your classes, your buddies and with students in your dormitory. I advice you to choose the German language class as it is helpful to know some German in everyday life.
I have had a buddy and he was a very nice guy, very helpful and now he is my friend. You will get all the support from IES team and the managers. Finally I hope you will enjoy your stay in Tuebingen. And you also will meet a very professional camera team. Thank you to the IES team.

Che, South Korea

I wanted to study English, but also wanted to experience European culture. In the IES fall program I travelled a lot, made many friends, visited important organizations, and took lots of interesting lectures. The IES program gave me more opportunities than I expected, and everything was so well organized. Following the IES schedule was just enough to enjoy Germany. Now I miss all my program friends a lot, and I hope everyone got as happy as me ...


Summer Program 2014

Luo Jing, China

Hello, this is LUO Jing from Renmin University of China. It was definitely the best decision I had made in my life ever to participate in the summer program ”International and European Studies” of Tübingen University. I chose this program out of my personal interest on Germany and also my academic interest on European Studies. And I did find this program was perfect for me. The six-week in Germany turned my assumption to be ture. Intensive course, excursion and other workshop immersed me into the real life in Europe. The most important part was, I got to know so many nice people and made several life-long friends here.


Jasmine, Hong Kong

I'm Jasmine and I am studying in the University of Hong Kong. I've participated in the International & European Studies Summer Programme 2014, and this has been one of the most unforgettable experiences I've ever had. The lectures, excursions and visits have given me a better understanding of Europe - its history, and its political and business landscape - in an international context.

Bomin, South Korea

Hallo! My name is Bomin Kim from South Korea, and I am currently attending Konkuk University in Seoul. I participated in this wonderful Summer program in Tübingen, 2014. Needless to say, I applied to this program because of Tuebingen University's academic prestige.

When I first saw the program in the website, I thought no other courses could be better than this program. (Even my friend told me that this would be the world best thing you can ever do during summer :D) The program offers perfect chance of deepening your knowledge of Germany and Europe, and it gives you diverse opportunities to apply your knowledge to real world! And the point is that you can do these exciting opportunities with outstanding international students from all around the world. By debating, exploring other culture, cooperating with all the lovely students, I could develop myself more than I could do by myself.

I like this program more and more as I am realizing how much I have developed through this program. It is indeed such an unforgettable memory! I sincerely would like to say "Thank you!" to IES team and German teachers, and Spanish teacher!

Bu Yang, China

My name is Bu Yang, from Fudan University, China. I feel very lucky that I have been chosen to attend the first Summer IES-Programm, and also be the first male candidate. I was interested in the European culture, and a couple of friends in Deutschland suggested me to apply for the program. After the six weeks in Europe, I have acquired some basic knowledge of German language, European culture and economy during many unforgettable excursions, BBQs, classes, parties. It was soooooo cool to make new friends and hang out to truly deeply experience the local life there, thanks to the program, the friendship will last forever with all the fantastic memories!

Vivian, China

My name is Vivian Tan and I study in Renmin University of China. In the summer of 2014, I participated in the program "International European Studies" organized by Tuebingen University in order to know more about Germany as well as the European continent. During the program, we paid visits to Berlin, Strasbourg, Frankfurt and other great cities. We also had a wonderful time in the remarkable Black Forest. Our teachers were energetic, humorous , knowledgeable, and most importantly, they were young people just like us which enabled communication without generation gap. I really did enjoy the time there and I miss my friends in Germany a lot!

Yixin, China

Hi, this is Yixin Huang from Fudan University, China. In summer 2014 I participated in the International & European Studies program in Tuebingen, which is one of the most valuable experience I had. I learned a lot about Germany and Europe, about the culture and history, and "ein bisschen Deutsch". I had a very hard time struggling to cook for myself, to ride a high-seat German bike, to sigh at all the closed shops on Sundays, and to persuade myself that tap water is drinkable. However, that’s why they made up all the greatest memories. Having conversation with Germans of different age and education background is also interesting. Thanks to the IES team for well organization!

Jenny, China

Hello, everyone! I'm Jiping Xu, from Shanghai, China, and I study Computer Science at Fudan University. I have participated in the Summer Program 2014 at Tuebingen University, which is a wonderful and unforgettable memory for me. I'm always curious about German culture. This program is a perfect chance to experience German culture as it includes a lot of intercultural activities, which not only enable us to learn more about German lifestyle, but also provide a chance to understand how different cultures affect ourselves.

For those who want to study in Germany, it's a great opportunity to get involved in German classes and meet German teachers. For those who would like to work there, they can also visit several competent German companies so that they could understand the value and culture of those companies. What's more, we have also learned a lot about European politics, history, business, etc. It's much more than a summer school you can expect. My time there has been one of the best summers in my life!


Yaoying, China

I am Yaoying Dai, from Nanjing University, China. I participated in the 2014 summer program on European Study in the University of Tuebingen. The motivation to apply is actually quite simple. Some of the exchange student who had just come back from Germany just swore that Tuebingen is definitely the most beautiful city around the country. So I decided to take a glance of this city of university and the city of history. But the first glance only, just triggered my love for there. Then this affection grew with the acadamic harvest about western European culture and politics, as well as friendship developed among all the German buddies and fellow classmates. Finally I left not only with the memory of the still beauty of the city, but also the everlasting souvenir of my youth.


Jeong Lee, South Korea

Archery at the Black Forest, intercultural exchange and visit at the European Parliament - read more about Jeong Lee's experiences and impressions in her essay!

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