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Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters, Universität Tübingen, DEU
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Troia - Foundations in Tübingen and in Çanakkale

    SYMPOSIUM 2002


There is a large group of supporters solicited by the Troia-Project in Germany, the  "Freunde von Troia". For details just click. 

The sponsorship scene in Germany early in 2001 gained additional momentum after establishment of a

TROIA - FOUNDATION at the Tübingen University. 

The purpose of the foundation is to provide funds for the continued support of archaeological research in Troia and the Troad especially in times when public funding may be reduced. Furthermore it should provide means to supplement public budget for support of the conservation and/or restauration of this UNESCO-monument. In addition its purpose is to aid the adequate publication of the results of the research.

The scope of this foundation established earlier in 2001 by Günter Drescher from Saulgau (Southern Germany) was subsequently expanded:
Within the foundation - aiming at the long-range promotion of the research - a "Studia Troica Scholarship Fund" was set-up. It is intended to serve grants to junior scientists working on the publication of their research at Troia. A starting grant to this fund was donated by Mr. Richard W.C.Kan from Hongkong with a highly welcomed pledge of Euro 5,000.- each for five years. Within 2001 and the following years additional funds were donated. As a consequence of these highly welcomed gifts from 2002 until 2007 a total of 27 scholarships could be awarded.

In January 2002 a sizable starting capital for the foundation was donated by the Turkish subsidiary of the Siemens Company, Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Istanbul.This was followed by another sizable contribution by the same company in spring of 2004.The Troia Project hopes to obtain further grants or bequests for the  foundation or the scholarship fund. Thereby the foundation opens tax-deductible sponsorship alternatives for the "Freunde von Troia". 

Effective January 1, 2009, Prof. Dr. Dietrich Koppenhöfer was elected as chairman of the board of trustees.In March 2008 the longterm benefactor of the Troia-Project, Edzard Reuter (Stuttgart) has agreed to accept the patronage over the Foundation.  He is especially engaged in the efforts at long last to realize the establish a mueum at Troia.

Extension of the Troia-Foundation: In 2004 a further step was taken to secure continuation of evaluation- and conservation efforts in Troia on a broader base. This should be accomplished by establishing a Turkish Troia-Foundation, the Çanakkale - Tübingen TroiaVakfi and located in Canakkale, by which additional sponsors should be found in Turkey. The necessary base capital was generously contributed by our colleague and sponsor of many years, Dr.h.c.(mult.) Malcolm Wiener, New York. This branch of the foundation is operational since November 2004.

In the ensuing months it was possible to win some important sponsors from inside Turkey, among them Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. in Istanbul and the cement producer Akçansa Çimento Sanayi ve Ticaret  A.S. in Istanbul. The latter has sponsored procurement of reconstruction material and theprinting costs for the Troia guide on sale in the hotels of the province. The return from this sale flows back to the foundation.

In November 2005 Prof. Dr. Muharrem Satir (Tübingen) was elected chairmann of the board of trustees of the Turkish TroiaVakfi in succession of the late Prof. Korfmann.

An illustrated information brochure is available in German, in English, and in Turkish. It was published with additional donations, without using the funds of the foundation. Seriously interested people may ask for it. 

Commemorative Inscription unveiled: During the visit by the press in August 2003 we were able to unveil an inscription in honour of the major benefactors since antiquity. It is bolted to the huge granite block which had been donated by Dr.Suleyman Bodur in 2002.

In August 2006 this list of names was augmented by adding the name of our longtime benefactor Süleyman Bodur.

At the same time an additional bronze plaque was bolted to the frontside of the granite block at the initiative and cost of the Troia Foundation to honour the excavators of Troia from Frank Calvert through Manfred Osman Korfmann.
End of February 2007 the foundation building and the Manfred Osman Korfmann Library was opened in the older part of Çanakkale with a ceremony. Meanwhile the library, a bequest of Manfred Korfmann, the excavator of Troia, registers many Turkish students as users.In excess of the present size of 5000 volumes the library provides a capacity of up to 15000 volumes. There is only a limited solicited fund from outside sponsors available for necessary expansion. Therefore bookdonations specifically in the fields of Archaeology and history of southeastern Europe, Turkey and the Near East would be highly welcomed. 

The building of the Turkish TroiaVakfi after restoration. The library 
is located in the upper floor, the groundfloor houses the administration
and a lecture room

The library with bookshelves and desks as well as a gallery for 
periodicals and reprints

Important book-donation for the Korfmann Library.
On Nov. 3, 2010, a deed of gift was signed in Berne by which the classical archaeologist Mrs. Ines Jucker, Ph.D. , donates her private archaeological library of more than 4000 books to the Turkish TroiaVakfi (represented by its chairman of the board of trustees, Prof. Dr. Muharrem Satir ). Mrs. Jucker had collected this library over many decades together with her husband, the late Dr. Hans Jucker, professor of classical archaeology at the University of Berne. The generous donation, which was mediated by their daughter, Mrs. Sabina Brodbeck, M.A., constitutes a valuable extension of the stock of books in the Korfmann Library in Çanakkale.   offered to take care of the transfer of the books to Çanakkale.

Mrs. Ines Jucker (l.) in her library with her daughter 
Mrs. Sabina Brodbeck ( r.)

Signature of deed (from left): Mrs. Brodbeck, Dr. Jucker, Prof. Satir,
and Mr. Volz, notary public.
In spring 2011 the longtime sponsor of the Troia-Project, Dr. Süleyman Bodur (Istanbul), has kindly provided for the transfer of the books into Turkey. Registration of the donated books is not completed yet, an estimate, however, indicates that the total volume of the extended library now comprises ca. 20 000 titles. In a ceremony on June 18, 2011 the extended volume of the library was presented to the public in presence of the donor`s family. ( Report in German available as PDF

"Cha(i)rity"- Donation Drive of the Tübingen Alumni Association. The renovation of the main lecture hall (Audi Max) at the University of Tübingen was utilized by the alumni organization for a donation drive for its activities. For a donation of Euro 500 symbolic ownership of one of the chairs in the auditorium was offered which is marked by an inscription with the name of the sponsor. The chairmen of the two foundations and the "Friends of Troy" in Cincinnati have made use of this possibilty to establish a mark of commemoration for Manfred Korfmann in Tübingen: In one row of chairs one now finds the names of Manfred Korfmann, the "friends of Troy" and the two foundations following the re-opening ceremony in March 2007. (Illustrated report as PDF-file).

The nameplates in the Auditorium Maximum of the University Tübingen donated by "the Trojans"

Contributions to the German Troia Foundation or to the scholarship fund should be directed to the following bank account of the foundation :
Deutsche Bank Tübingen, BLZ 640 700 85, Account Nr.1425800.
Recipient: "Universitätsvermögen", Purpose: "Troia" 

Contributions to the Turkish ÇANAKKALE-TÜBINGEN TROIAVAKFI should be directed to:
Çanakkale Ziraat Bankasi, Merkez Subesi. 
Account numbers: For transfers in Euro Nr. 116 28371-5001,
for transfers in Turk Lira Nr. 116 28371-5002.

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