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Excavation plan

About Reconstructions

Popular presentations of archaeology almost inevitably include reconstructions. A major part of TroiaVR are three-dimensional computer reconstructions of Troy created by archaeologists working at Troy.

Building stones of reconstructions are:

  • Archaeological documentation - plans, photographs, ...
  • Comparable, well preserved sites - e.g. Akrotiri on Thera, the famous "Bronze Age Pompei" buried by a volcanic eruption.
  • Artistic representations - like Bronze Age domestic scenes depicted on a Hittite vase.
  • Ethnoarchaeology - e.g. modern houses in the vicinity of Troy, built using materials and techniques which have also been available in the past.

From all this conclusions can be drawn on how buildings now destroyed may have looked like, and how people used to live in those houses. Reconstructions are visual interpretations - they do not show how things really looked like, but how we can imagine them using all knowledge available to us.

Domestic scene on Hittite vase
Photograph of a house at Troy Traditional house near Troy
Ruins of Akrotiri on Thera Reconstruction of Troy VI