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Welcome to the internet page of the International Economic History Association (IEHA)! The IEHA has been established in 1960, and unites economic historians from almost 40 countries in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Every three or four years the IEHA organizes a World Economic History Congress. The association's next congress will take place in Stellenbosch in 2012.



WEHC 2012

The next World Economic History Congress will take place from the 9th to the 13th of July 2012 in Stellenbosch/South Africa.

Vacant seats on the Executive Committee

The IEHA invites all of its member organizations to nominate candidates for the Executive Committee:
In August 2009, at least six seats on the Executive Committee will become vacant for the
years 2009-2012 (plus a potential second term). In addition, the position of the treasurer will become vacant. Each member organization may recommend one individual for nomination to any open seat.
The Candidates do not necessarily need to be a member of the organization or come from the organization's home country. Nominations should be sent to the IEHA Office before August 31, 2008. Please include relevant information for the persons that you wish to nominate. This should include their current position, a list of publications, and information about governing positions held within their university or other institutions. The Executive Committee will then endorse one or more of the
nominees per vacant position for election by the General Assembly in its meeting in August 2009.
When making its recommendations, the Executive Committee will take into account the suitability of
the nominees and will attempt to ensure that the Executive Committee will reflect the diversity of
scholars of all member societies and of economic history in its broadest sense. For more information regarding the election of new EC members and the composition of the current Executive Committee please consult the IEHA website or the IEHA office ( A list of current
members of the Executive Committee can be found here.

Information on former EC members updated

We extended the section containing short biographies and research profiles of former EC members in our current IEHA newsletter. Professor Jean-François Bergier was so kind to provide us with answers to four questions about his vita, research and what brought him into economic history. You will find the question and answers at the end of the Newsletter 2007.

Call for dissertations

The International Economic History Association (IEHA) will hold its fifteenth World Economic History Congress in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from the 3rd to the 7th of August 2009. The congress includes a competition for recently completed doctoral theses in economic history (or related fields): young scholars are invited to present their doctoral research.

The XVth Congress will offer three dissertation prizes, one for dissertations covering the period before 1800, one for the period 1800-1914, and one for the period 1914-the present. Per period three to four candidates will be selected by a jury consisting of members of the Executive Committee to present their doctoral research in Utrecht in 2009. To be eligible for participation in the dissertation competition candidates must have been awarded their doctorate or equivalent after 1 January 2005 and not later than 1 October 2008.

Those interested in participating in the dissertation competition should submit a 10 to 20 page summary of their dissertation via the dissertation registration form on the congress website . The summary should outline the contents, methodology, and historiographical background of the thesis and should be in English. You will also be requested to enter your name and contact information, the title of your thesis, the language in which it is written, the name(s) of your supervisor(s), and the institution that awarded the degree. Please do not send the thesis itself. The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2008.

Reception of the submission will be acknowledged by e-mail. In November 2008 candidates will be informed if they will be invited to present their research in Utrecht.

Second call for Session Proposals

The International Economic History Association (IEHA) will hold its fifteenth World Economic History Congress in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from the 3rd to the 7th of August 2009. The scientific programme of the congress will comprise approximately 100 sessions. Following the first call for session proposals the Executive Committee of the IEHA has so far approved of 51 sessions to be included; a preliminary programme is available.
This is the second call for session proposals. From submissions received before the 1st of October 2008, the Executive Committee of the IEHA will fill all but five of the remaining session slots. The five remaining slots will be filled by the Executive Committee with sessions on topics the committee feels should be on the programme.
There will be no distinction between sessions submitted in reply to the first or second call for papers. However scholars who are already in the preliminary programme as organizer of two sessions, cannot be accepted as organizer of a third session.

The Congress will last for five days. Each day will be divided into four time blocks of 90 minutes each (two before lunch and two after lunch). Each session organizer will be given two consecutive time blocks. No extra time blocks will be allocated; organizers wishing to extend their session have to submit a proposal for a second session.
The IEHA welcomes sessions on all topics in economic history, history of economics, demographic history, social history, urban history, cultural history, gender studies, methodological aspects of historical research, and related fields. The IEHA has a particularly strong desire to attract sessions on the period before 1800 and sessions that include countries other than those of Western Europe and North America. Organizers will be given wide discretion to shape the format of sessions to be the most attractive and efficient given the topic and the participants invited.

As the guidelines for session organizers explain in more detail, organizers are expected to present a preliminary list of participants in their proposal, but are also encouraged to publish an open call for papers for their session once it has been selected for the programme.
For all sessions a final list of participants and paper titles, a time schedule for the session, and the congress papers or abstracts must be submitted before the 31st of May 2009, for publication on the Congress website. Scholars and the general public will have access to the website and will be able to search, read, and download papers of interest in advance of the Congress.

Submission of proposals

Proposals can be submitted via the session registration form. You will be requested to enter the name(s), title(s), and institutional affiliation(s) of the organizer(s), your contact information, the proposed title for the session, a session abstract explaining the aim and relevance of the session, the number of papers expected and the names and affiliations of those who have agreed in principle to participate.
The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2008.

Reception of session proposals will be acknowledged by e-mail.
Organizers will be informed of the acceptance or rejection of their proposal in November 2008.

If selected, organizers of sessions will be asked to take on the following responsibilities:

(1) Communicate as requested with the Secretary General of the Association and the Congress organizers in Utrecht as the programme takes shape.

(2) Circulate an open call for participation that invites broad involvement by scholars from different countries and approaches. Organizers will be asked to respect the Association's desire to make the World Congress as inclusive as possible, encouraging if necessary, young scholars and those from outside of Western Europe and North America.

(3) Plan the sessions in Utrecht to allow at least 25 percent of the available time for informal open discussion with the floor. This may require limiting the number of papers presented at the session and/or preparing the session by organizing a preconference.

(4) Ensure that all participants are able to communicate easily and effectively with each other both before the Congress and during the session. Particular attention should be given to easing the difficulty of scholarly dialogue among participants with different native languages.

(5) Provide or raise whatever funding may be necessary for the proposed session and associated activities before and after the Congress.


The IEHA Newsletter 2007 has been posted on the website! To increase the information about the organs of the organization and as a token of respect for many years of dedicated service to the IEHA, this newsletter also includes short biographies and research profiles of four former EC members.

New on "Projects": How to make a poster

We take the introduction of a poster session on the World Economic History Congress as a reason to provide you with useful links that help you create your own poster.

First Round of Session Proposal Submissions finalized

The first round of session proposal submissions for theXVth WEHC in Utrecht in 2009 has been finalized. The preliminary program and open calls for papers are accessible at A Second Call for Session Proposals will be published in April 2008, and new submissions are strongly encouraged. From submissions received by November 2008, the Executive Committee will fill all but five of the remaining session slots. The five remaining slots will be filled by the Executive Committee with sessions on topics the committee feels should be on the programme. Organizers of sessions selected in the second round will also be encouraged to publish a call for papers for their session.


last update: August 21, 2009