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Newsletter April 2005

Dear colleagues,

The Executive Committee of the International Economic History Association recently met in Helsinki to discuss a number of issues regarding the IEHA and the organization of the XIVth Economic History Congress to be held in Helsinki, August 21-25, 2006. This letter is to inform you about the most important decisions that have been made.

To begin with, Riitta Hjerppe, the chair of the local organizing committee in Helsinki, presented a report on the state of affairs of the organization of the 2006 Congress. The members of the Executive Committee were invited to visit the venue of the Congress, which will be located in two buildings of the University of Helsinki in the center of the city, both at the Unioninkatu, one of the central roads there. In September 2005 the second brochure will be published and distributed, containing the academic program and all the details of the congress. The registration fee will be € 200 (€ 135 for students and € 280 for late registration). The second brochure will also be published on the Congress website: The website will give links to hotels offering reduced rates during the Congress. It will be possible to book trips to i.e. Lapland, Tallinn and Petersburg via a tourist office that will be linked to the website of the Congress.

Concerning the academic program a number of decisions was made. The Executive Committee accepted seventy (70) new session proposals from those submitted after the second call for session proposals. This brings the total number of sessions up to 120 in Helsinki. The description of these new sessions will be on the Congress website in June this year, accompanied with an open call for papers for each session. Moreover, a set of guidelines for session organizers was established and will be published on the website. One of the requirements is that papers should be sent to the Congress organization and put on the website before the Congress - a website that will only be accessible for those who have paid a registration fee.

The juries of the dissertation sessions also met in Helsinki, and selected the following candidates who will be invited to come to the Congress and present their PhD research in the Dissertation Sessions:

Medieval and Early Modern
- Photis Baroutsos (Ionio University, Greece)
- Tracy Dennison (Cambridge University, UK)
- Tine de Moor (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Long 19th century
- Alfonso Herranz-Loncán (University of Barcelona, Spain)
- Gerhard Kling (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
- Petra Moser (MIT, USA)
- Masahiro Ogiyama (University of Tokyo, Japan)

20th century
- Gerben Bakker (University of Essex, UK)
- Mária Del Mar Rubio Varas (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain)
- Kirsten Wandschneider (Middlebury College, USA)
- Nikolaus Wolf (Humboldt Universität Berlin, Germany)

In 2003 the Executive Committee already decided to move the organization of congresses to a three-year cycle, and thence organize the XVth Congress in 2009. At the EC meeting in Helsinki details about the proposed changes in the Statutes (necessary to make this change possible) were discussed. The proposition will be submitted to the General Assembly to be held in 2006 at the Congress in Helsinki. Following this decision, the Executive Committee decided on the selection of the venue for the congress in 2009. Only one bid was made, by Utrecht University in cooperation with the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, to organize the XVth World Economic History Congress in Utrecht (in August 2009). The bid was presented by Jan Luiten van Zanden. The Executive Committee decided to agree with the proposal. The current statutes imply that the organizer of the congress in 2009 will become vice-president in 2006, and take on the office of president in 2009.

The Executive Committee discussed the other nominations for seats in the Executive Committee to be filled in 2006. These nominations were made by the member associations and evaluated by a nomination committee, comprising of Richard Sutch (president), Chris Lloyd (treasurer), Sevket Pamuk, and one outside member (Kristine Bruland from Oslo/Norway). According to the new statutes the current vice-president Riitta Hjerppe, will become president at the 2006 Congress. The current treasurer will serve another term. After having served for two terms, Jan Luiten van Zanden will step down as Secretary-General; Jörg Baten was nominated as his successor by a number of member associations, a nomination that was fully endorsed by the nomination committee and by the Executive committee.

For sitting membership the following nominations were endorsed:

for a second term: Naomi Lamoreaux (UCLA ,USA), Om Prakash (Delhi School of Economics, India), Gianni Toniolo (Universita di Roma 'Tor Vergata', Italy, and Duke University, USA), Rolf Walter (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany), Carlos Marichal (Colegio de Mexico) and Forrest Capie (City University, London, UK).

for a first term: Beverly Lemire (University of Alberta, Canada); Philippe Minard (Université Charles-de-Gaulle, Lille-3, France); Yuri Petrov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow); Leandro Prados de la Escosura (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain); Kaoru Sugihara (Osaka University, Japan); Grietjie Verhoef (Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit, South-Afrika); Luis Bértola (Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay); Bozhong Li (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

With these endorsements the Executive Committee chose to widen the geographical distribution of the membership of the committee, in particular by nominating members from China and South-Africa.

The Executive Committee also discussed the Treasurer's report and in particular the problems of having a bank account in a country, Switzerland, where no member of the executive committee resides. For a number of reasons (low interest rates in Switzerland, high transactions costs) it was considered to move the bank accounts - and therefore also the seat of the IEHA - to a country in the Euro-zone. A more detailed proposal about this will be submitted to the General Assemblee that will take place in Helsinki in 2006.

I trust this letter has informed you about decisions made and proposals put forward by the Executive Committee. In the next few months you will receive further information on the program for the Helsinki Congress. In the spring of 2006 I will send you the documents to prepare for the meeting of the General Assembly in August 2006 in Helsinki.

With kind regards,

Jan Luiten van Zanden, Secretary General

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