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Newsletter December 2010

Dear colleagues,

This letter is to inform you about the work of the International Economic History Association since the last newsletter was issued in November 2009, and to draw your attention to upcoming events and deadlines.

The main future event is, of course, the 2012 Stellenbosch world congress (July 9-13). The local organizing committee in South Africa as well as the IEHA office is currently very busy with the preparations of this event. The first call for sessions closed during September 2010 and yielded unprecedented 114 session proposals. Some 1200 paper presentations were suggested in those proposals, covering roughly 1000 participants! This indicates that the Stellenbosch congress will be one of the largest events in the history of our discipline. 59 of these sessions have been accepted by the executive committee of the IEHA, and 24 received a 'revise and resubmit' for the second round.

At their meeting in Stellenbosch from 22-23 November 2010, the members of the Executive Committee had the chance to see for themselves that preparations for the XVIth World Economic History Congress (9-13 July 2012) are in full swing. The EC was impressed by the progress made by the Local Organizing Committee in preparing the WEHC 2012. A full site inspection was conducted and a letter of agreement was signed between the local organizers and the IEHA. Moreover, all of the visitors of Stellenbosch had a feeling of safety, just as in any other city in which the IEHA has held congresses before.
The second call for session proposals for WEHC 2012 is now open. Please visit for more information. The sessions accepted in the first round will be available on this homepage soon. Please note that the EC decided to limit paper presentations to three per each WEHC participant, i.e. each participant should not show up as (co-)author on more than three presented papers. Given the large number of session proposals, the EC also aimed at broadening the base of corresponding session organizers. Therefore, some session organizers who had proposed two sessions were asked to hand over the post of corresponding organizer to another colleague.

The poster session and the dissertation competition of the WEHC 2009 were a success and attracted especially young scholars, which is why these innovations will be repeated again at the WEHC 2012. The calls for the dissertation competition and the poster session will be issued in January 2011.

Since the last General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings in Utrecht (August 2009), the IEHA office was also occupied with the review of the XVth World Congress, i.e. with the preparation of the Utrecht meetings minutes, and the preparation of the Executive Committee meeting in November 2010 in Stellenbosch. I thank Valeria Prayon and Julia Muschallik for their excellent work for the IEHA office.

Additionally, in March 2010, I initiated a survey on the situation of 'Economic History' worldwide and we sent out a questionnaire to about 1100 economic historians and scholars in related fields. The feedback was remarkable: the IEHA office received almost 250 responses. The preliminary results of this survey were presented at the Executive Committee meeting in Stellenbosch. A detailed report will be published online on the IEHA homepage within the next weeks.

In September 2010, Maxine Berg did extensive research at the IEHA archive in Tuebingen in order to get information for her book on the history of the association. The IEHA is looking forward to her research results.

Call for candidates of the EC: The IEHA invites all of its member organizations to nominate candidates for the Executive Committee: In July 2012, at least six seats on the Executive Committee will become vacant for the years 2012-2015 (plus a potential second term). In addition, the position of the Secretary General will become vacant. Each member organization may recommend one individual for nomination to any open seat. The candidates do not necessarily need to be a member of the organization or come from the organization's home country. Nominations should be sent to the IEHA Office before July 31st, 2011. Please include relevant information on the person you wish to nominate. This should include their current position, a list of publications, and information about governing positions held within their university or other institutions. The Executive Committee will then endorse one or more of the nominees per vacant position for election by the General Assembly during its meeting in July 2012. When making its recommendations, the EC will take into account the suitability of the nominees and will attempt to ensure that the Executive Committee will reflect the diversity of scholars of all member societies and of economic history in its broadest sense. For more information on the Executive Committee and its current composition please consult the IEHA office or the IEHA website (

Additionally, the Executive Committee invites bids for potential venues for the World Congress in 2015. The call for host cities will be distributed in January 2011. The same deadline and procedure apply as for the EC nominations.

I wish you all a happy and successful new year!

With kind regards, also from the IEHA office manager, Valeria Prayon,

Joerg Baten
Secretary General


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