at the invitation of Professor Michel Hau
University Marc Bloch
Chair of the local Organizing Committee

The interdisciplinary conference will explore of the symbiotic relationship between humans, as biological beings, and the economy, broadly conceived. Selected papers will be included in a special issue of the journal of Economics and Human Biology.

Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

  • The impact of economic processes and economic policy on biological welfare and health outcomes.
  • The impact of government intervention programs on the human organism.
  • Feedback effects from human biological outcomes to the economy.
  • The use of anthropometric indicators to assess welfare, poverty, and malnutrition.
  • Health as a component of Human Development.
  • The conceptualizations of health in economic theory.
  • Related statistical, econometric and methodological issues.

Submissions are from the fields of:

auxology, anthropometry, biological anthropology, demography, development economics, economic history, epidemiology, health economics, human biology, health sciences, medicine, nutritional science, physical anthropology, public health, sociology, statistics, and econometrics.

Joerg Baten (chair of the program committee), Economic History, Tuebingen.


Please submit the full paper by May 31st

Information about the hotel

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 2 - For those participant who raised funds for hotel themselves (thanks again! you enable a broader participation of grad student and colleagues from lower income countries!)


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The full program of economics and human biology conference can be viewed from the link below.



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