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Eshed Ohn-Bar Receives a Humboldt Research Fellowship to Work with Professor Andreas Geiger

Each year, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grants approximately 500 fellowships to researchers from abroad of all nationalities and disciplines. The fellowship allows researchers to perform long-term research at the institution of their choice in Germany.


Dr. Eshed Ohn-Bar will be joining the Autonomous Vision Group as a Humboldt fellow to collaborate with Professor Andreas Geiger at the University of Tübingen and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. The fellowship will allow Eshed to focus on tackling critical research challenges in computer vision for autonomous vehicles.


“I envision a world with safe transportation systems and no road traffic injuries. Towards this goal, I work on enabling assistive and autonomous systems to understand, predict and interact with humans around them,” Eshed says. 


Currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Eshed's research in intelligent vehicles has received numerous awards, including the best Ph.D. dissertation award from the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.


“Professor Geiger and his group are constantly pushing the research frontier of robotics and self-driving cars, I’m really excited about this opportunity to come to Germany and pursue my research passion with such world-renowned experts!” explains Eshed.


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