Anglistik / Amerikanistik – Bachelor Nebenfach

Fakultät Philosophische Fakultät
Abschluss Bachelor Nebenfach
Zulassungsbeschränkung nein
Regelstudienzeit 6 Semester
Anfangssemester Winter- und Sommersemester
Studienform grundständig
Unterrichtssprache Nur Englisch


We pride ourselves on offering our students a wide variety of courses and programs ranging from Beowulf (the only complete Germanic epic) and Shakespeare, to contemporary American novels, photography and film. Our 3-year B.A. program will enable students to achieve excellence in academic English, linguistic analysis, cultural studies, as well as the interpretation and evaluation of literary texts. Our program, which commences every winter semester, may be studied as a major or minor subject. It consists of four core areas: Academic English, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, and Literary Studies.


The pre-requisites for studying English and American Studies are: a good command of spoken and written English, a second foreign language, as well as an interest in language, literature, and culture.

Fremdsprachliche Anforderungen

See „Zulassungsvoraussetzungen“


In their first and second years, students will take one basic and one advanced module in each of the areas above. Students with English and American Studies as their minor will complete the program at the end of the advanced modules. In their third year, students majoring in English and American Studies will attend four focus modules and an additional lecture. Furthermore, students will submit their B.A. thesis before completion of the program.

All students of English and American Studies are strongly recommended to spend a period of time in an English-speaking country. This is an invaluable opportunity for students to improve their language skills and to immerse themselves in a different culture and academic environment. We offer our students the opportunity to partake in established exchange programs with universities in the United Kingdom, North America, Ireland, India, and Australia.


Academia, journalism and publishing, public relations, etc.

Weiterführende Studiengänge

Graduates of the B.A. program with a good final grade will have the option of pursuing one of the following M.A. programs: American Studies, English Linguistics, English Literatures and Cultures. Subsequently, students with a good M.A. grade may study for a PhD.


See above.


Englisches Seminar

Wilhelmstraße 50

72074 Tübingen

Telefon : 07071 29 72959

Telefax : 07071 29 5760

Email : anglistik(at)


Die Einführungsveranstaltungen für die Erstsemester finden Sie auf folgender zentraler Seite


American Studies:

Dr. Thomas Gijswijt
Svenja Hohenstein, M.A.
Katharina Thalmann, M.A.

Email: helpdesk.amerikanistik(at)

Telefon : +49 (0)7071-29-72357 & 72397

Telefax : +49 (0)7071-29-5132

Room 560 & 562

Office hours:
Wednesday, 13-15 hrs
Thursday, 12-14 hrs


English Studies:

Dr. Fritz Kemmler fritz.kemmler[at]


See module handbook (available via the website of the seminar)


Anglistik, Amerikanistik, Englisch

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