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attempto! 46:

- Advanced Technology Breathes Life into Historical Data

- When Molecular Motors Waltz

- The Future of Medicine

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Universities for openess, tolerance and against xenophobia

Universities for openess, tolerance and against xenophobia
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Press Releases

Environmental researchers are developing new biosensors for testing water

Biologists from the University of Tübingen have helped develop biosensors which can detect drugs in water more quickly and in smaller amounts


Remaking the Vikings in our own image

Vikings have become new heroes for the modern age, says archaelogist from University of Tübingen SFB ResourceCultures


How plants protect their offspring from environmental risks

Biologists from the University of Tübingen have successfully demonstrated parental environmental effect – and how this arises through evolution


Tübingen Price for Ice Age Research goes to Denmark

University of Tübingen awards prize to Trine Kellberg Nielsen for her research into the colonization of Scandinavia


Scientists decipher a mechanism in serious skin infections

Sugar polymers on the outer cell envelope of Staphylococcus aureus mean that the disease progresses in a particularly aggressive way – and this suggests a starting point for possible treatment


€1.6 m for German-Israeli biochemistry project

DFG sponsors Tübingen professor and international research team investigating mitochondrial functions within the cell


European soccer increasingly popular in the USA

Tübingen sports economists survey US citizens – international soccer telecasts are popular, particularly among the younger generation and the Spanish-speaking audience