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attempto! 46:

- Advanced Technology Breathes Life into Historical Data

- When Molecular Motors Waltz

- The Future of Medicine

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Universities for openess, tolerance and against xenophobia

Universities for openess, tolerance and against xenophobia
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Press Releases

“Baby Talk“ in Marmoset Monkeys

Tübingen neuroscientists investigate the development of vocalisation in young monkeys


1.2 million euros funding for new imaging technology in brain research

Professor Klaus Scheffler wants to test new methods in magnetic resonance imaging


ERC Consolidator Grant for Katerina Harvati

Paleoanthropologist conducts research into early humans in South-East Europe ‒ funding of EUR 2 million provided by the European Re-search Council


Neurorobotic hand exoskeleton restores grasp function to quadriplegics

Tübingen led researchers enable quadriplegics to eat and drink independently


Why fish send red signals in the deep blue sea

Tübingen University biologists discover the many meanings of fluorescence where colors fade


Two new special fields of research for the University of Tübingen

New research networks will study the algorithms of vision and the transportation of pollutants in the environment from January onwards


Words and bones tell a similar story about deep history

Ancient language families linked to anthropological features, say Tübingen researchers