Program for the Promotion of Junior Researchers

Funds are available for research projects carried out at the University of Tübingen as part of the Promotion of Junior Researchers Program.

1.) What are the funds available for?

Start-up financing of innovative projects with good prospects of attaining external third-party funding, particularly those which involve assisting qualified junior researchers to start up independent research projects. This program is aimed at the development of a bigger third-party funding application. It cannot be used as bridging finance to extend the applicant’s job.

2.) What can I apply for?

  • Direct project funding
  • Investment funding
  • Funding for assistants
  • The financing of a part-time (50%) E 13 position (only in special cases, please specify)

Total funding per application: max. €35,000


Moreover, the two best-qualified applicants have the opportunity to expand their innovative projects within the RISC program and raise additional funding (see attached info sheet about this program).

3.) Duration

up to 18 months
Funding to start on: 01. July 2018


4.) Who can apply?

Junior researchers with a doctorate at the University of Tübingen,

  • who are not members of the Faculty of Medicine*,
  • who are employed at the University of Tübingen at least until the end of the funded project,
  • whose PhD was not attained more than five years ago.
  • Junior researchers who have already received funding under this program can only apply for a second lot of funding if they can show that their first successful application has led to a project fully supported by third-party funding.


*The Medical Faculty operates its own Promotion program


5.) Assessment of the Application

The University of Tübingen’s Research Commission will assess applications on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the project (innovation and originality)
  • Concept and content
  • Prospects for continued research
  • Qualification and independence of the applicant (e.g. on the basis of lead authorship of publications)
  • Project’s place within the academic field/ collaboration
  • Feasibility 


6.) General 

Applications are made via an electronic system. In addition, applicants must provide four signed printouts (1 original, 3 copies, stapled and hole-punched) of the entire application (data sheet, project description, appendices), to go via the relevant Dean’s Office to the central administration, Division I, Section 1. (Applications must be signed at the bottom of the data sheet by the relevant Institute director and the Dean).

Deadline: 13. April 2018
The application may be writtem in German or English.


7.) Electronic Application System

Will be available from 01. March 2018 at:

After you have registered, there are two steps in the application process:

  1. fill out the data sheet(s) online,
  2. upload your project description and appendices as an additional document


8.) Project Description (see 7.2)

Your project description must be no longer than five pages. The project’s innovative and relevant aspects must be made clear. The description must be structured as follows: 

  • Academic/ scientific aims
  • Current state of research
  • Your own preliminary work
  • Detailed, concrete plan (including timetable)
  • Outline of project’s future prospects (which third-party sponsor or funding program will be interested in your project, and when? What is yet to be done before third-party funding may be sought)?
  • Explain why you are seeking various elements of funding (e.g. personnel costs: timetable, type and extent of work to be done)


The application must be formulated so that even a layman can understand it easily.


The following must accompany your project description:

  • List of publications in the last four years with titles of publications and details of their impact factors (based on current Journal Citation Reports)
  • Your academic career to date
  • A brief statement by the relevant Institute director or supervising professor
  • Applications for an extension of funding must include a research report on the initial funding period


Your project description must be filed electronically as a document along with the appendices to your application:


Further information on applications:

Sonja Großmann, Dezernat I, Abt. 1, (07071 -29 -7 70 33),
E-Mail: sonja.grossmann[at]