Excellence Initiative

In 2012 the University of Tübingen won the title of "Elite University" in the  second funding round of the Excellence initiative.
The Excellence Initiative aims to promote top-level research and to improve the quality of German universities and research institutions in general, thus making Germany a more attractive research location and making it more internationally competitive

The financial award of the Excellence initiative is divided into three funding lines: Excellence Clusters, Graduate Schools and Institutional Strategies. The University of Tübingen was successful with its applications in all of these.


Excellence Cluster CIN:

Werner Reichardt Center for Integrative Neuroscience


LEAD Graduate School:

Learning, Educational Achievement and Life Course Development


Zukunftskonzept: Institutional Strategy

"Research - Relevance - Responsibility" is the motto of the University of Tübingen's strategy to further strengthen its excellent basic research position and to complement it with an emphasis on practical applications as well as extend research into themes of socio-political relevance. The support of young scientists, equality policies and the continuous increase of the University’s international visibility are further important issues of its institutional strategy.


Areas of emphasis:



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