"Threatened Order - Societies under Stress"

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 923 "Threatened Order - Societies under Stress"


The Arab Spring, the financial crisis, and the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima have all left significant marks on international politics, economies, societies, and cultures. Extreme situations like upheavals, revolutions, and disasters affect everyday life. Such circumstances make us aware of how fragile and contingent the foundations of our life and actions are. Extreme situations can also lead to rapid change in social perception and behavior patterns.


Working with the above mentioned threat scenarios, as well as others, the projects of CRC 923 investigate the manner in which various social orders (which can structure social groups or entire societies) change, especially when facing threats to their very existence.


The Centre's research focuses on Europe from Antiquity to contemporary history. Additional projects analyse African, North and Latin American, Chinese and Australian examples of threatened social orders.


The CRC's main interdisciplinary project areas—Violent Protest, Disasters, Dissolution of social Orders, and Competing social Orders— as well as the Ancillary Project Group “Cultural Dynamics” seek to achieve four long-term research goals:


  1. Historizing the perception and interpretation of current crisis diagnostics

  2. Analysing the mechanisms of rapid social changes

  3. Redefining spacial and temporal categories in the social sciences and the humanities

  4. Reflecting on the fundamentals of the participating disciplines in the era of globalization



Lic. Andrea Kirstein


CRC 923 „Threatened Order - Societies under Stress“

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Cornelia Stoll


CRC 923 „Threatened Order - Societies under Stress“

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Roman Krawielicki


CRC 923 „Threatened Order - Societies under Stress“

Keplerstraße 2, R. 191n

72074 Tübingen

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E-Mail: roman.krawielicki[at]uni-tuebingen.de 



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Kolloquium: "Gibt es unterschiedliche Kulturen des Entscheidens?"

Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017 | 15-17 Uhr c.t.Keplerstraße 2, Hörsaal72074 Tübingen SFB-Kolloquium mit Prof. Dr. Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger(Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) Plakat


"Staging the menace: Marguerite de Navarre's The Inquisitor (ca. 1540)"

Mittwoch, 29.11.17, 18.00 UhrRaum 315 (Brechtbau) Prof. Dr. Darwin Smith (Paris)


Die Imagination der Ordnung und die Affektivität der Bedrohung. Soziologische Überlegungen

24.11.2017 14-17 Uhr c.t., Keplerstraße 2, Hörsaal Kolloquium mit Dr. Lars Gertenbach (Universität Kassel/Bielefeld)


Vortrag "After the Cold War Paradigm"

Wednesday, November 22, 201710:00-12:00 am | Brechtbau, Room 0.37 mit Prof. Dr. John Munro Saint Mary‘s University (Halifax, NS) Workshop: Alternatives to the Cold War Paradigm Wednesday, December 6, 20172:00-6:00 pm |...


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CRC 923 „Threatened Order - Societies under Stress“

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