Service for researchers

The University of Tübingen provides a comprehensive range of information, advice, and support services for its researchers. Our aim is to provide the foundations for excellent, world-class research and the best possible help for junior researchers at the university.


Note: Some of the information is only available once you have logged into the University of Tübingen intranet.


Text modules for grant applications

Applications for funding often require information on general matters such as the history or research profile of the university. We provide this information in the form of text modules. These text modules are a basis for applicants to adapt as needed. You can further develop and adjust the texts to your particular proposal.


Materials on good academic practice

The University of Tübingen is committed to good academic practice. We have therefore compiled useful information for researchers on dealing with academic misconduct and to ensure good academic.


Tübingen research funding news

The University of Tübingen provides research funding news for researchers of all disciplines, citing current calls for applications from funding programs (independent of funding institution), research prizes and funding for junior researchers.


Research information system Tübingen (FIT)

The research information system Tübingen (FIT) provides an overview of current third-party funded projects at the University of Tübingen. Researchers and representatives of business and the media can use the FIT database to get an overview of the expertise available at the University of Tübingen and to find the right contact person.


Services provided by Research Funding and Strategic Research Partnerships subsection

At Research Funding and Strategic Research Partnerships, we advise researchers in all matters concerning national research funding.


Services provided by the EU Office

The EU Office is the first stop in all questions regarding European Commission research funding. The EU Office supports researchers seeking third-party funding for European research projects.


Services provided by Third-party Funding Advice and Landesgraduiertenförderung section

Colleagues at the Third-party Funding Advice and Landesgraduiertenförderung section will answer your individual enquiries regarding research funding and/or the core research area programs. They can offer advice when it comes to completing your application for state funding (Landesgraduiertenförderung) and grants for PhD networks.


Services provided by Technology Transfer section

The Technology Transfer office provides information, advice and support in matters of cooperation between academia and industry.


Industry Liaison Office

The Industry Liaison Office provides advice on the right strategy, and on planning projects with business and/or other partners in politics and society. The Industry Liaison Office is the contact point for junior researchers whose projects are (or could be) sponsored under Innovation Grants in the natural and life sciences. It also gives advice on networks and transfer structures which were established under the university’s institutional strategy - such as the Excellence Platforms, the Core Facilities, and the Industry on Campus professorships.


Services provided by International Research Cooperation and Research Strategy

The Research Cooperation and Research Strategy staff unit helps researchers who aim to collaboration with colleagues abroad to find appropriate funding formats and to make their applications.