Press Releases

Tübingen Researchers discover gilded mummy mask

German-Egyptian team presents the latest findings from Saqqara excavations


Neue Expertise zur Künstlichen Intelligenz

Fünf weitere Professorinnen und Professoren erforschen an der Universität Tübingen Maschinelles Lernen aus unterschiedlichsten Perspektiven


A Software to See How Fish See

Software for behavioral studies in fish made freely available by Tübingen neuroscientists


Site-directed RNA editing as an alternative to genetic scissors

Tübingen researchers use cells’ backup copies for targeted, reversible changes to genetic information – seeking applications in research and treatment of disease-causing mutations


Give and Take: How We Recognize Interactions

Tübingen neuroscientists investigate how actions that relate be-tween individuals are recognised and represented in the brain


The plastic brain: Better connectivity of brain regions with training

Tübingen scientists have observed how fast the brain can adapt

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