Press Releases


Sizing up our ape past

Researchers suggest the last common ancestor of the apes was substantially smaller than previously thought


Ebola vaccine can now be used on children

Professor Peter G. Kremsner, Dr. Selidji Agnandji. Photos: Christoph Jäckle / Universität Tübingen

An international team tests the vaccine on adolescents and children and establishes correct dosage


Doing homework is associated with change in students’ personality

Students who invest more effort in their homework show changes in conscientiousness. Photo: Friedhelm Albrecht / University of Tübingen

Students who invest more effort in their homework show changes in conscientiousness, University of Tübingen researchers find


Supersonic gas streams left over from the Big Bang drive massive black hole formation

A super-massive star is born: Projection of the distribution of dark matter (background and top image) and interstellar matter (three bottom pictures). Images: Shingo Hirano, Takashi Hosokawa, Naoki Yoshida, Rolf Kuiper

University of Tübingen astrophysicist is among an international team of researchers which has modeled the formation of a black hole in the early universe using super-computer simulation


Two ERC Starting Grants for Tübingen researchers

Palaeoanthropologist Radu Iovita and medical researcher Surjo R. Soekadar receive 1.5 m euros for their research on the deep prehistory of the Silk Road and the next generation of brain-computer interfaces


Fuel from waste and electricity


Production of drop-in fuel from complex biomass and electric energy by combined microbial and electrochemical conversion