Press Releases

Cyber Valley: top researcher appointed Bosch-endowed chair

Bosch endows the chair with 5.5 million euros: Matthias Hein to research machine learning at the University of Tübingen ‒ Björn Andres, expert in artificial intelligence, appointed to Industry on Campus professorship


Parkinson’s: Vitamin B3 has a positive effect on damaged nerve cells

Tübingen researchers: A form of Vitamin B3 boosts energy in nerve cells and helps prevent them from dying off. This could lead to new treatments.


Unseld Lecture 2018 – The neurobiology of morals

Forum Scientiarum invites Canadian neurophilosopher Patricia Churchland to the University of Tübingen


A new method measures the immune cell response within minutes

T cells fight pathogens and tumors: Researchers from the Universities of Tübingen and Lübeck present a simple and fast method to rapidly assess their function


The electric whispers of the ghostly knifefish

University of Tübingen neurobiologists eavesdrop on the nighttime activities of Apteronotus rostratus in its jungle habitat

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