President's Office

Wilhelmstrasse 5 (Alte Botanik)

72074 Tübingen

Fax + 49 7071 29-5990


President and Vice-ChancellorProf. Dr. Bernd EnglerPhone +49 7071 29-72512
Vice-President for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Karin AmosPhone +49 7071 29-76429
Vice-President for Research and InnovationProf. Dr. Peter GrathwohlPhone +49 7071 29-72502
Vice-President for International AffairsProf. Dr. Monique ScheerPhone +49 7071 29-72511
Executive Vice-PresidentDr. Andreas RothfußPhone +49 7071 29-72515


Under state law, the Vice-Chancellor's Office is charged with managing the University. The tasks assigned to the Chancellor's Office are set out in paragraph 16 of the code governing higher education in the State of Baden-Württemberg (Landeshochschulgesetz). The Vice-Chancellor's Office is responsible for all University affairs not expressly assigned in this law to another competence. The Landeshochschulgesetz expressly cites the following areas of responsibility:


  • Structure and development including personnel
  • Construction planning
  • Equipment planning
  • University contracts and target agreements
  • Drafting and implementing the University budget
  • Distributing University funds
  • Determining how University land and buildings are used
  • Decisions affecting University assets
  • Determining performance-related salaries