Gwangsoon Lim, M.A.


Gwangsoon Lim, M.A.

Visiting Researcher


University of Tübingen
Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies
Department of Chinese and Korean Studies


Office: Gartenstr. 19, R03, 72074 Tübingen

office hours by appointment






Gwangsoon LIM is a Ph.D candidate at the Department of Korean History at Korea University and is staying in Tübingen as a visiting researcher until September 2018. He is concerned with modern family affairs in Korea, and he is researching to solve this from a historical point of view. If you have any question about academic trends in Korea, please feel free to contact him.




  • 2014-Present, PhD Candidate, Department of Korean History, Korea University
  • 2009-2014, MA in the Department of Korean History, Korea University
  • 2002-2008, BA in the Department of Korean History, Korea University



Academic Profile

  • Research Associate, Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University, Aug 2015 – Aug 2017
  • Assistant Administrator, Research Association for Korean History, Jan 2016 – Dec 2016
  • Co-representative, Network for Young History Researcher, Jan 2016 - Jul 2017
  • Interviewer, 416 Memorial Movement, Oct 2015 – present
  • Researcher, The Institute for Korean Historical Studies, Feb 2015 – present


  • Research Association for Korean History (RAKH)
  • The Institute for Korean Historical Studies (IKH)
  • Korea University Center for Korean History
  • Network for Young History Researcher (Maninmansaek)





Book Chapters


  •  “1970nyŏndae kukkaanbowa nodong [National Security and Labor in the 1970s]” in Hanppyŏm han'guksa [A Small Piece of Korean History], edited Maninmansaek [Network for Young History Researcher] (p'urŭnyŏksa, 2018/ in preparation.)
  •  “T'ryuen'gunsaryŏngbut'ŭi sŏlch'iwa han'gukkunŭi chakchŏnjihwigwŏn iyang [Establishment of “UN Command” and transfer of ROK command operations]” in Naengjŏnbundanshidae hanbandoŭi yŏksa ikki [Reading the History of Korean Peninsula during the Cold War-Division era], edited Heo Eun (Sŏnin press, 2015)



Articles in Academic Journals


  •  “1970nyŏndae nodong t'ongche chŏllyak-ŭi kuch'ukkwa punggoe [Establishment and Collapse of the Labor Control Strategy in the 1970s]”, Yŏksawa hyŏnshil [Quarterly review of Korean history] 102 (2016)
  • “kungnae chosŏnjok pŏmjoe-ŭi silche-wa panghyangsŏng [Actual direction of Korean-Chinese’s violent crime in Korea]”, Yŏksabip'yŏng [Critical Review of History] 111 (2015)




  •  “韓国の歴史教科書国定化と〈萬人萬色研究者ネットワーク〉 [The Nationalization of Korean History Textbooks and the Network of Young Researchers]”, Waseda Asia Review 19 (2016)
  • “manini man'gaji saekŭro chŏhanghara! : yŏksagyogwasŏ kukchŏnghwawa taehagwŏnsaeng [All Resistance! - The Nationalization of Korean History Textbooks and Graduate Student]”, Yŏksamunjeyŏn'gu [Critical Studies on Modern Korean History] 35 (2016)




  • “rŭp'o, kkŭndŏkchige tokchawa chakkaŭi wich'irŭl mutta [Reportages - Persistently asking the location of the reader and the writer]”, Shilch'ŏnmunhak [Literature as practitioner] (2016)