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New Humboldt Professorship in applied microbiology for the University of Tübingen

Professor Largus Angenent. Photo: Robyn Wishna/Cornell University

Professor Largus Angenent from Cornell University receives Germany’s largest monetary international research prize


History on Ice: Researchers paint a genetic portrait of Ice Age Europe

Three ~31,000 year old skulls from Dolni Věstonice in the Czech Republic. For the next five thousand years, all samples analyzed in this study – whether from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria, or Italy – are closely related, reflecting a population expansion associated with the Gravettian archaeological culture. Credit and copyright: Martin Frouz and Jiří Svoboda

Press release of the international research team publishing in Nature


Full three-dimensional shape of large-scale folds in Greenland’s ice cap revealed

Greenland’s ice cap: Extensive analysis reveals the dynamics of deep ice layers. Photo: Alfred Wegener Institute/Coen Hofstede

Tübingen scientists explore the dynamics of deep ice layers


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