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First Eurasians left Africa up to 130,000 years ago

Landmarks shown in one individual cranium. Figures: Katerina Harvati/University of Tübingen and Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment

Models tested by Tübingen paleoanthropologists push back the date of first Homo sapiens migration out of Africa


2014 Lucas Prize for Judaic Studies expert

Professor Peter Schäfer to be honored for his contribution to a greater understanding of early Jewish history and culture.


University Senate confirms new Vice-President of Research

Professor Peter Grathwohl. Photo: Friedhelm Albrecht/Universität Tübingen

Geoscientist Peter Grathwohl to focus on excellence of research


Humans and saber toothed tiger met at Schöningen 300.000 years ago

All the better to eat you with: Reconstruction of the saber-toothed cat, with long canines used to hold on to prey. Image: Ramon López (

Fossil remains show man and big cat lived side by side in Germany


Tübingen researchers welcome the public

TÜFFF research fair lets you look behind the scenes at the University’s laboratories, hospitals and institutes: 25 April


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