Oberseminar Logik und Sprachtheorie

Das Oberseminar findet in der Regel dienstags um 18 Uhr c.t. in Raum A104, Sand 1 statt.

Interessierte können sich per Email an Thomas Piecha in den Einladungsverteiler eintragen lassen.


Wintersemester 2017/18

  • 17.10. Paolo Pistone (Roma 3): Proof-nets, permutations and the meaning of second order quantification
  • 24.-25.10. Workshop Logik, Sprachtheorie und Erkenntnistheorie
    • Thomas Piecha (Tübingen): Intuitionistic logic is not complete for standard proof-theoretic semantics
    • Luca Tranchini (Tübingen): Yet another computational interpretation of classical logic
    • Paolo Maffezioli (Bochum): Intuitionistic​ ​extensional​ ​mereology
    • Grigory​ ​Olkhovikov (Bochum): Justification​ ​stit​ ​logics:​ ​a​ ​survey​ ​of​ ​results
    • Michael Arndt (Tübingen): Tomographs for Substructural Display Logic
    • Sergey​ ​Drobyshevich (Bochum): A​ ​Hilbert-style​ ​calculus​ ​that​ ​takes​ ​falsification​ seriously
    • Joao Marcos (Bochum): The mystery of duality unraveled: dualizing rules, operators, and logics
    • Daniel​ ​Skurt (Bochum): More modal semantics without possible worlds

  • 15.11. David Binder (Tübingen): Type-theoretic Foundations of Mathematics
  • 5.12. Ernst Zimmermann: Elimination by Composition in Natural Deduction
  • 12.12. Carlo Nicolai (Utrecht): Substructural approaches to paradox and the logic of semantic groundedness
  • 16.1. Bartosz Więckowski: Subatomic negation
  • 6.2. Daniele Chiffi (Tallin): TBA


Wintersemester 2016/17

  • 29.11. Magdalena Sannwald: Wahrheitswert und Wertverlauf in Freges "Grundgesetzen der Arithmetik"
  • 6.12. Reinhard Kahle (Lissabon): Hilberts 24. Problem
  • 7.12. Reinhard Kahle (Lissabon): Hilberts umfassendes Programm
  • 2.-3.3. Consequence and Paradox Between Truth and Proof


Sommersemester 2016

  • 10.5 Salvatore Florio (Kansas): Metalogic and the Overgeneration Argument
  • 24.5. Tiago de Castro Alves (Tübingen): On the formulation of the identity problem
  • 28.6. Ernst Zimmermann: Challenging Verificationism and Pragmatism
  • 5.7. Miloš Adžić (Belgrad): Gödel on the intensional logic of concepts
  • 12.7. René Gazzari (Tübingen): Pure Proofs
  • 19.7. Arnd Kulow (Herrenberg), Logic and Law Meeting
  • 11.8. Kosta Došen (Belgrad): Isomorphism in Intensional Logic


 Wintersemester 2015/16

  • 27.-29.11. General Proof Theory
  • 25.11. Kosta Došen (Belgrad): Problems and results in general proof theory
  • 15.12. David Binder (Tübingen): Negation in Popper's theory of deductive inference
  • 19.1. Hermógenes Oliveira (Tübingen): On Dummett's Pragmatist Proof-Theoretic Validity
  • 26.1. Lew Gordeew: On Proof Compressions in Sequent Calculi and Natural Deductions


Sommersemester 2015

  • 7.5. Elia Zardini (Lissabon): Against the world
  • 9.6. Hermógenes Oliveira (Tübingen): On Dummett's Verificationist Proof-Theoretic Validity
  • 7.7. David Binder (Tübingen): Takeuti's Conjecture: Hauptsatz for Higher Order Logic
  • 14.7. Vlasta Sikimic (Belgrad): Structurally enriched sequent systems
  • 23.7. Paolo Pistone (Rom): Parametric polymorphism and completeness


Wintersemester 2014/2015

        • 2.12. Ivo Pezlar (Brno): Problems and solutions in the framework of procedural semantics
        • 16.12. Tiago de Castro Alves (Tübingen): Against the interpretation of Kant's notion of existence as a second order concept
        • 27.1. Ernst Zimmermann: Negation in Classical Lambek Calculus
        • 9.2. Ansten Mørch Klev (Prag): Type predications


        Sommersemester 2014

        • 28.4. Ernst Zimmermann: Finite satisfiability complete tableaux
        • 7.7. Antonio Piccolomini d'Aragona (Roma): Dag Prawitz's theory of grounds: Inferences and logical consequence
        • 14.7. René Gazzari (Tübingen): Diskurse
        • 23.-24.8. Conference on Hypothetical Reasoning


        Wintersemester 2013/2014

        • 21.10. Kai Wehmeier (Irvine): The Modal Rubicon
        • 29.10. Thomas Seiller (Savoie): Geometry of Interaction
        • 11.11. Ole Hjortland (München): Proof Theoretic Harmony in the Substructural Era
        • 6.12. Edward Hermann Haeusler (Rio de Janeiro): On computational complexity of propositional logics and the sub-formula principle
        • 6.12. Luiz Carlos Pereira (Rio de Janeiro): On the proof thory of classical logic
        • 13.1. Vito Michele Abrusci (Roma): Antinomy of the liar: an analysis inspired by linear logic and transcendental syntax
        • 20.1. Vincent Degauquier (Louvain-la-Neuve): A Uniform Proof-Search Method for Partial and Paraconsistent Four-Valued Logics
        • 21.-23.2. Workshop on Functions, Proofs, Constructions


        Sommersemester 2013

        • 23.4. Grigory Olkhovikov (Ekaterinburg): Intuitionistic predicate logic of constant domains does not have Beth property
        • 28.5. David Makinson (London): Intelim Rules for Classical Connectives: Questions of Existence and Uniqueness
        • 4.6. Ivo Pezlar (Brno): Towards a More General Concept of Inference
        • 25.6. René Gazzari (Tübingen): Der Kalkül des natürlichen Rechnens
        • 2.7. Pablo Cobreros (Navarra): S'valuationism and their logics


        Wintersemester 2012/2013

        • 12.11. Francesco Paoli (Cagliari): Semantic Minimalism for Logical Constants
        • 21.11. Jon Litland (Oslo): Proof-Theoretic Semantics Based on Elimination Rules
        • 27.11. Vincent Degauquier (Louvain-la-Neuve): Cut-Redundancy, Partiality and Paraconsistency
        • 18.12. Patrizio Contu (Zürich): Über Evaluationsordnung in formalen Theorien
        • 15.1. Ernst Zimmermann: Kripke Rahmen für Algebren
        • 22.1. Peter Schroeder-Heister (Tübingen): On Flattening Elimination Rules
        • 8.-10.3. Second Conference on Proof-Theoretic Semantics


        Sommersemester 2012

        • 16.-17.4. Workshop on Hypothetical Reasoning
          • Alberto Naibo & Mattia Petrolo (Paris): Towards a verificationist account of classical propositional logic
          • Luca Tranchini (Tübingen): How to Tarski Dummett-Prawitz's validity
          • Thomas Piecha (Tübingen): Atomic systems and constructive semantics
          • Jean-Baptiste Joinet (Paris): Motivated hypothesis: On the Colson & Michel approach of hypothetical reasoning
          • Jean Fichot (Paris): Proofs and counterexamples
          • Peter Schroeder-Heister (Tübingen): Towards a calculus of squares – The proof-theoretic significance of the square of opposition
          • Rainer Lüdecke (Tübingen): A game semantics for normal logic programs
          • Ernst Zimmermann: Two extensions of natural deduction
          • Michael Arndt (Tübingen): Directionality in logical calculi
          • Rene Gazzari (Lissabon): The application of Lindenbaum's Theorem

        • 10.7. Reinhard Kahle (Lissabon): Notwendigkeit


        Sommersemester 2011

        • 19.4. Johannes Dellert: Modellgenerierung für die algorithmische Semantik
        • 20.4. René Gazzari: Die Lösung des Miller'schen Problems
        • 10.5. Paweł Urzyczyn (Warschau): Proof search in some propositional logics
        • 7.6. Harald Maurer: Integrative (Synchronization) Mechanisms of Cognition
        • 28.6. Laura Tesconi (Pisa): A Framework of Explicit Composition
        • 13.9. Ernst Zimmermann: Decomposition of Reductions


        Wintersemester 2010/2011

        • 12.10. David Miller (Warwick): Dual Intuitionistic Logic and Its Dual
        • 26.10. Luca Tranchini (Tübingen): Truth from a proof-theoretic perspective
        • 23.11. Tor Sandqvist (Stockholm): Atomic Bases and Classical Logic
        • 11.1. Peter Milne (Stirling): Thinking about Negation
        • 17.1. Alberto Naibo und Mattia Petrolo (Paris): Logical Constants from a Computational Point of View: Towards an Untyped Setting
        • 25.1. Laura Tesconi (Pisa): A Labelled Sequent Calculus Isomorphic with Natural Deduction
        • 8.2. Peter Dybjer (Göteborg): Program testing and constructive validity
        • 25.-27.2. Workshop on Proof and Dialogues (ProDi)


        Sommersemester 2010

        • 20.4. Toni Mager: Visualisierung logischer Sequenzen mittels Graphen
        • 27.4. Peter Schroeder-Heister (Tübingen): Implications-as-rules versus implications-as-links: An alternative to the left introduction rule for implication in Gentzen's sequent calculus
        • 18.5. Erik C. W. Krabbe (Groningen): Hamblin's and Lorenzen's Systems of Dialogue: Comparison and Integration
        • 1.6. René Gazzari: Lindenbaumsätze für deduktive Systeme
        • 8.6. Rainer Lüdecke (Tübingen): Jedes auf Formeln basierende Logikprogramm hat ein kleinstes unendlich-wertiges Modell
        • 15.6. Antje Rumberg: Ableitbarkeit und Abfolge bei Bernard Bolzano vor dem Hintergrund des modelltheoretischen und beweistheoretischen Folgerungsbegriffs
        • 16.6. Robert van Rooij (Amsterdam): Extending syllogistics, and providing an intensional semantics
        • 1.7. Nissim Francez (Haifa): Proof-Theoretic Reconstruction of Communication in Natural Language: Speaker-Meaning vs. Hearer-Meaning
        • 6.7. Christopher Menzel (Texas A&M): Strict Actualism and the Logic of the Possible


        Sommersemester 2009

        • 21.4. Thomas Piecha (Tübingen): Inversion of Logical Rules by Definitional Reflection
        • 12.5. Heinrich Herre (Leipzig): Formal Ontology - A New Interdisciplinary Research Field
        • 16.6. Kai Wehmeier (Irvine/Nancy): Subjunctivity and Cross-World Predication
        • 21.7. Laurent Keiff (Lille): Dialogues and GTS games. Some remarks about the meaning of logical constants


        Wintersemester 2008/2009

        • 21.10. Peter Schroeder-Heister (Tübingen): Definitional Reflection and Basic Logic
        • 28.10. Peter Schroeder-Heister (Tübingen): The categorical and the hypothetical: A critique of certain fundamental assumptions of standard semantics
        • 11.11. Ernst Zimmermann: A Variety of Natural Deduction
        • 13.1. Helge Rückert (Universität Mannheim): Die Dialogische Logik als semantischer Ansatz
        • 17.2. Luiz Carlos Pereira (Rio de Janeiro): Constructive fragments of classical logic
        • 31.3. Gabriele Usberti (Università degli Studi di Siena): The notion of c-justification for atomic statements


        Sommersemester 2008

        • 28.5. Ernst Zimmermann: Combinatorial Proofs of Confluence and Strong Normalisation in Natural Deduction
        • 2.6. Jean-Yves Béziau (Université de Neuchâtel): Structures of Truth Values
        • 15.7. Ernst Zimmermann: Lambek Calculus in Natural Deduction
        • 21.7. Wagner de Campos Sanz (UFG, Goiânia): Peirce Rule, Subformula Principle and Separabilty of Logical Constants
        • 31.7. Norihiro Kamide (Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Tokyo): Generalizing paraconsistent negations


        Wintersemester 2007/2008

        • 23.10. Luca Tranchini (Siena): The meaning of negation: a proposal
        • 29.11. Aarne Ranta (Chalmers TH, Göteborg): Dialogue Systems and Type Theory
        • 13.3. Wagner de Campos Sanz (UFG, Goiânia): Falsity Preservation


        Wintersemester 2006/2007

        • 20.-21.1. Workshop on Logic
          • Enrico Moriconi (Pisa): On the Inversion Principle
          • Peter Schroeder-Heister (Tübingen): Inversion Principles and Definitional Reflection
          • Michael Arndt (Tübingen): A Hypergraph Interpretation of Gentzen's Logistic Calculus
          • Thomas Piecha (Tübingen): Some Remarks on the Physical Interpretation of Church's Thesis
          • Luiz Carlos Pereira (Rio de Janeiro): Multiple Conclusion Intuitionistic Systems
          • Edward Hermann Haeusler (Rio de Janeiro): On Some Relations between Fragments of Classical, Intuitionistic and Minimal Logic
          • Laura Tesconi (Pisa): A Strong Normalization Theorem for Natural Deduction with General Elimination Rules
          • Ernst Zimmermann (Tübingen): A Combinatorial Proof of Strong Normalization in Natural Deduction and Simple Type Theory

        • 23.1. Reinhard Kahle (Universität Coimbra, Portugal): Rekursionstheoretische Charakterisierungen von Komplexitätsklassen und NC^k


        Sommersemester 2006

        • 30.5. Christian Jacques Rentería (PUC Rio de Janeiro): A Natural Deduction System for Propositional Linear Temporal Logic
        • 28.6. Ernst Zimmermann: Normalisation of Arithmetic


        Wintersemester 2005/2006

        • 18.10. Roy Dyckhoff (St Andrews): Decision methods for linearly ordered Heyting algebras
        • 16.11. Ernst Zimmermann: Generalisations of Kripke Structures
        • 7.12. Christian Jacques Rentería (PUC Rio de Janeiro): Labeled Natural Deduction for Quantifiers
        • 14.12. Birgit Henningsen: Entropie als Komplexitätsmaß für Beweise
        • 25.1. Rainer Lüdeke: Übersetzung von logischen Sequenzen in GML-Graphen
        • 25.1. Stefan Elser: Übersetzung von logischen Sequenzen in LaTeX-Graphen
        • 22.2. Ernst Zimmermann: Substructural Logics in Natural Deduction


        Sommersemester 2005

        • 1.6. Ernst Zimmermann: A Basic Predicate Logic
        • 6.7. Davi Romero de Vasconcelos (PUC Rio de Janeiro): Reasoning about Games via Temporal Logic
        • 13.7. Michael Arndt (Tübingen): Logical Tomography
        • 21.7. Tobias Heindel: Rewriting in a Lattice and its Generalizations
        • 28.7. Bartosz Więckowski: Quantified Modal Logic: Denotational vs. Substitutional


        Wintersemester 2004/2005

        • 10.11. Marcelo da Silva Corrêa: A Logical and a Categorical Characterization for a Partial Non-commutative Combining Operation
        • 19.11. Roy Dyckhoff (St Andrews): Focused Proof Systems in Intuitionistic Logic
        • 21.1. Luiz Carlos Pereira (PUC Rio de Janeiro): Bad Reductions and the Identity Problem
        • 24.1. Edward Hermann Haeusler (PUC Rio de Janeiro): A Game-based proof of the PSPACE-completeness of Intuitionistic Propositional Logic
        • 18.2. Ernst Zimmermann: Ordinals for Combinatorial Proofs of Termination in Natural Deduction


        Sommersemester 2004

        • 4.5. Ernst Zimmermann: Logik und Verbände
        • 6.7. Ernst Zimmermann: Ordinale Arithmetik und Verallgemeinerte Sigma-0 Vollständigkeit
        • 20.7. Lew Gordeew: Kombinatorische Reduktion des P-NP Problems


        Wintersemester 2003/2004

        • 12.11. Michael Arndt (Tübingen): Informationsgefüge - Eine Theorie subjektiven begrifflichen Inhaltes
        • 16.1. Pavel Materna (Brno): Transparent Intensional Logic: Fundamentals
        • 16.1. Marie Duží (Ostrava): Attitudes: Hyperintensional vs. intensional contexts
        • 26.1. Ernst Zimmermann: Natürliches Schliessen mit Singulären Annahmen
        • 4.2. Tobias Heindel: Extending the Lambda Calculus towards a Process Calculus


        Sommersemester 2003

        • 7.5. Michael Arndt (Tübingen): Intensions as Processes
        • 21.5. Michael Arndt (Tübingen): Language as Process
        • 28.5. Ernst Zimmermann: Intuitionistic Modal Propositional Logic
        • 3.6. Edward Hermann Haeusler (Rio de Janeiro): Theory of Computation and Formal Methods in the Dept of Informatics of PUC-RIO
        • 11.6. Edward Hermann Haeusler (Rio de Janeiro): Theory of Computation and Formal Methods in the Dept of Informatics of PUC-RIO
        • 24.6. Tobias Heindel: From Reduction Sequences to Function Processes
        • 2.7. Jörg Hudelmaier: Randomisierte binäre Suchbäume
        • 8.7. Edward Hermann Haeusler (Rio de Janeiro): Using Topos Theory for Providing Semantics of Anticipatory Operators
        • 16.7. Tobias Heindel: From Reduction Sequences to Function Processes
        • 28.7. Ernst Zimmermann: Strong Normalisation by Means of Natural Deduction


        Wintersemester 2000/2001


        Sommersemester 2000


        Wintersemester 1999/2000


        Sommersemester 1999


        Wintersemester 1998/99


        Sommersemester 1998

        • 16.6. Rodrigo Readi-Nasser (Kaiserslautern): Logisches Programmieren und Prawitz' Normalform
        • 31.7. Monika Seisenberger (München): Higmans Lemma


        Wintersemester 1997/98