Herzlich Willkommen auf den Seiten unserer Arbeitsgruppe unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Katja Tielbörger! Hier sind Informationen zu unseren Forschungsschwerpunkten, unserer Lehre, unseren Mitarbeitern, Stellenangeboten und aktuellen Neuigkeiten zusammen gestellt. Frau Tielbörger ist gleichzeitig auch Direktorin des Botanischen Gartens.


Um uns kennen zu lernen bietet es sich an, zu einem unserer regelmäßigen Arbeitsgruppenseminare zu kommen. Diese werden zusammen mit der Gruppe 'Evolutionäre Ökologie der Pflanzen' abgehalten. Hier werden in lockerer Runde die verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten vorgestellt und so ist ein guter Einblick in die verschiedenen Themenfelder möglich.


Viel Spaß beim Erkunden unserer Arbeitsgruppe! Wir freuen uns InteressentInnen genauere Informationen zu einzelnen Themen zu geben. Bitte wenden Sie sich an die angegebenen Ansprechpartner.



Durch die vielen internationalen Mitarbeiter ist bei uns die Kommunikationssprache häufig Englisch. Aus diesem Grund werden auch die weiteren Seiten in englischer Sprache gehalten.


21.07.16Katja Tielbörger successful in new BMBF-BioTip call with the project CASCADE - we received funding for a transdiciplinary group composed of approx. 15 researchers from Germany, Belgium Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. If we are successfully evaluated after one year, we may be granted a large project running for longer. Cross fingers!
20.07.16Mark Bilton got his new DFG-project approved and will be investigating the role of very complex traits for plant response to drought and grazing. Congratulations! We will be collaborating closely with Bettina Engelbrecht's group at Bayreuth University.

19.07.16Jan Ruppert and Katja Tielbörger are part of a newly granted project within the BioTip call of the BMBF. The project NamTip will investigate tipping points in rangelands of Namibia and can, if successfully evaluated, lead into a longer project. The project is coordinated by Anja Linstädter from the University of Cologne.

18.07.16 Proud to announce that Jan Ruppert is giving a keynote lecture at the 10th International Rangeland Congress in Saskatoon, Canada. Taking place between July 16-22, Jan will give a presentation to this large meeting entitled: "Climate Change in Global Rangelands: A Dryland Ecologist's Perspective on Trends in Forage Quantity and Quality"

27.05.16We are currently offering two technician positions in our group. Please check the details in the posting. Closing date: 25.06.2016 or until the positions have been filled.

The Integrated Water Resources Management book has been published and is now available here. It is packed with several contributions from the group:


Tielbörger K, Claus C, Schloz D, Twite R, Al-Karablieh E, Salman A, Jayyousi A, Alpert P 2016: Sustainable Water and Land Management under Global Change – The GLOWA Jordan River Project. Pp 721-747.


Onigkeit J, Simon K-H, Alcamo J, Tielbörger K 2016: Participatory scenario development as a method to integrate science and IWRM – lessons learnt from a case study in the Jordan River region. Pp 269-301.


Bonzi C, Onigkeit J, Hoff H, Joyce B, Tielbörger K 2016: Analysing stakeholder driven scenarios with a transboundary water planning tool for IWRM in the Jordan River basin. Pp 413-433.


All in: Borchardt D et al. (eds.): Integrated Water Resources Management: Concept, Research and Implementation. Springer (Berlin-Heidelberg).

09.05.16We congratulate Maximilane Herberich (2nd prize student posters) and Anubhav Mohiley (2nd prize students presentation) for their excellent performance at this year's PopBio Conference. WELL DONE!


Seven delegates from the group are visiting this year's PopBio Conference in Třeboň, Czech Republic, presenting the diverse research in plant ecology from our group.

17.03.16We are looking for Bachelor and Master students to start our project: Can plants learn? Pavlovian conditioning without a brain. Please contact Michal Gruntman!
03.03.16Liesbeth van den Brink is currently in Olmué, Chile, attending the kick off meeting for the DFG priority programme "EarthShape". Liesbeth is a PhD student in our department, investigating climate change impacts in Chile.

Mark. C. Bilton has just published his article in PPEES, showing how the use of Climatic Niche Groups can reveal strong patterns explaining species composition shifts in relation to climate change. CONGRATULATIONS !


A warm welcome to Jan Ruppert who has joined our department as an Assistant Professor. He is a plant ecologist with a strong interest in dryland ecosystems (including South Africa), climate change and grazing impacts. WELCOME !!


Michal Gruntman and Anubhav Mohiley are in Mainz attending the 4th Annual Meeting of the DFG priority programme "Adaptomics" 1529. Presenting work related to heavy metal hyperaccumulation in Brassicaceae.


CONGRATULATIONS New VW foundation grant approved - Michal Gruntman and Katja Tielbörger have received a grant for their innovative project "Pavlovian Plants". A fascinating project which will investigate if plants can be conditioned to react to certain responses. The project has received widespread media and online attention.


New DFG project approved - Katja got a new project approved within the DFG priority programme EarthShape. She is now looking for a PhD student to do field work in Chile! The programme is scheduled for three plus three years and starts working in January 2016.


Katja is part in a new initiative founded by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Education - the so-called "Wassernetzwerk". Within that network, she is part of a consortium entitled 'DRIER' that attempts to develop strategies to cope with increasing frequencies of drought. A PhD student and later on a PostDoc will join our team for up to five years.


2 new PhD positions! Find the postings here.



JOB OPPORTUNITY ! We are currently offering an Assistant Professor (Senior Research Assistant) position within our group.

Tübingen is becoming a core area for Plant Ecology and Evolutionary research. So, if you are interested in becoming part of our exciting, diverse, and multi-national team please check out the posting


                                                              Closing date: 15th June 2015


Congratulations to Michal Gruntman, Sinja Zeiger, and Katja Tielbörger for their new publication in Oikos, exploring an interesting angle in the evolution of invasive species (Impatiens glandulifera - Himalayan Balsam) "Invasive success and the evolution of enhanced weaponry".


We are proud to announce the publication of "Phenotypic response of plants to simulated climate change in a long-term rain-manipulation experiment: a multi-species study" in the latest edition of Oecologia (177;4;1015-1024). Authored by Sabine Hänel and Katja Tielbörger.


Mark Bilton is attending the ClimMani COST workshop currently running in Copenhagen, Denmark. He will be sharing information on Plant Climatic Niche Group approaches to understanding climate manipulation experiments.


A warm welcome to "Daijun Liu" who is visiting the group from CREAF Barcelona (Josep Penuelas' group) to work with Dr Bilton analysing Climatic Niche patterns on a long term climate manipulation project in Spain. Funded on a ClimMani COST programme.


We are delighted to welcome "Anubhav Mohiley" into our group. A new PhD student, originally from India, he studied his Masters in Stuttgart, and will be working with us on our heavy metal hyperaccumulation and hypertolerance in Brassicaceae project (DFG funded adaptomics). Welcome !


Michal Gruntman and Sara Tomiolo are attending the 3rd Annual Meeting of the DFG adaptomics priority programme in Mainz. The conference is entitled "Evolutionary Plant Solutions to Ecological Challenges: Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Adapative Traits in the Brassicaceae".

And both Michal and Sara will be presenting findings from our 2 projects on "heavy metal hyperaccumulation" and "linking Phenotypic and Genetic responses across a Climatic gradient in Israel"


Katja Tielbörger is heading back to Israel, taking students on our annual field trip. They will be hoping to see desert blooms and catch up with the proceedings at our long-term (13th year) climate manipulation study !


The intrepid explorers on our annual field course to Brazil set off today, led by our very own Micheal Koltzenburg. You can read a very interesting article about it in the local Schwäbisches Tagblatt !


The PopBio2015 conference - hosted by Tübingen University - is now taking registration and abstract submissions.                                                                                                    Closing date for abstracts 5th April 2015

22.10.14We are currently offering two fully funded PhD positions, please check the job offers link.                                  Closed 15th Nov 2014
We are pleased to announce a major publication in Nature Communications investigating a novel long term Climate Change project in Israel. It has received much press coverage both locally and abroad. Congratulations team !



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